Mike was far away from the apartment just as planned and he was positioned in a junction where he could have an overview of the house Timmy had traced to aid the delivery of the flowers. 

His job was to map their every move and he had not seen anything move for over twenty minutes. 

He checked his watch frequently and he kept Timmy posted with texts. He just wanted to be sure if it was OK he stayed a bit more. 

Timmy wanted him to stay for as long as he could, not taking his eyes off the house till he notice a move. 

Nothing came until after thirty minutes. Then a van loaded with men and arms moved out of the compound. Mike spotted that. He also spotted another car follow up in a flash. He picked up his phone and he updated Timmy. 


Timmy stepped out of an ice cream shop and his gaze fell on the brown Mazda that was waiting for him. He checked the text that came from Mike and he smiled. His eyes went around and when he noticed no one had so much concentration on him, he gave up to the urge he had within to make his call.  He could have called Martin to confirm if he was save. But he felt that could be done later. 

He forwarded a call to the hacker he had paid a thousand dollars to help trace Dura's location for the day and he waited for him to pick up. 

"I am ready to move now. Where do I get him?" Timmy asked as he waited for the voice from the other side. 

"OK!" He said, then he ended the call. He put away the phone and he moved towards the car before it became too late. 

He was in the car blank. A long battle with thought was what he was having a deal with. He could just neglect Mary and work on protecting everyone else and that would be all. 

But he wanted it all for all. He wanted no more fight. He wanted no more threat. His father had worked it all the wrong way and he was born into it. He wanted something different for his son. 

His phone rang and he picked it up. 

-Restricted- The ID read. He knew it was Martin and everything within him told him not to pick up the call. 

He ignored and he asked the driver how long it was going to take to hit their destination. 

Fifteen minutes was way too long. 

The call kept coming in and after a while, Timmy picked up. 

He didn't like the way the voice sounded from the other end. 

"I guess you are not doing what I think you would do."

"How is he?" Timmy asked coldly. He wasn't still answering the questions Martin had asked. 

"You going over to see Dura is like suicide. You already signed the death warrant and you failed to fulfil his promise. He might be up for his own pond of flesh." 

Timmy chuckled. "Its time for me to set things right. I might die trying to." He said then he ended the call. 

He silenced the phone and he had it kept where he would never notice a thing. 

It was a dead mission. He doesn't need anyone to tell him more about that. He might lose his life if he doesn't play the right cards. That was clear and well written in his head. 

He needed to get his head straight now. He shook his head and he closed his eyes slightly only to be surprised when the driver told him they had reached. He only had to look around and with not so much time wasted he spotted the right house. 

He told his driver to drive at the gate and when they were close enough. His honk was enough sign to the gateman that a car was outside. 

They were checked right at the gate and when they made purpose for visiting known to be business it was quite easy letting them in. 

Timmy forced his driver to drive away with the car and he made it into the waiting room. 

It was right there things began to twist. 

He was attacked unexpectedly after a guard had led the attack. 

His face was forced into a Black Veil and he was dragged into thicker darkness.