Texter Eps71 

Wheresoever it was going down, Timmy was going to get down there in minutes. He waited where no one could have noticed as he awaited the beep from Mike who was busy putting everything in place. 

At exactly 8:35 Pm. Jimmy got off from his usual night joint and he headed back home in his private car. He had a driver handling the wheels and this time it was just him seated behind the car, rocking the slow soft jazz that came off the stereo.  

He was half asleep when another car came crashing into the side of his, and he was thrown out of his seat. A distinct sound of gun fire went around, disbursing the crowd and other drivers and four armed men came for him. 

The one who had the knife pulled Jimmy out of car with blood running out of his nose and they fed him with punch in rounds. When they felt he was down. They moved closer and they began to hit him with the gun while he made the guard with his hands. All he protected was his face as he could not avoid the groaning and grunts. 

After a while, the shortest of them brought out a gun, pointed it at Jimmy and he pulled the trigger.



Two men navigated a dark hole, keeping the height in mind. They had torches at hand as they made their ways carefully with their kneels and hands. They brought out a map and they checked. Then they moved around picking sounds and motion with the little device they had in hand. Their eyes were on it Led screen and they watched it's reader picking only their sound and movement. The plan was tracing him and shooting him from the roof. They never cared making it a criminal case. No one would have been able to pick the sound of a silent pistol. They had attacked him twice and his record said it was best to get at him when he less expected.  

They waited for over ten minutes and when they got no better feed back they knew they had being scammed again by the scammer. It must have been a tech work. He must have known they were watching his logs. He must have made them to spy on his bookings easily to get them into relenting. He was never in the hotel room. 

They drilled down their way into the room through the bathroom and after  three minutes it was clear he wasn't in. 

They made a call. They had just missed one chance to monitor him. 


8:25 PM 

Watched the hold up get tougher than ever. He had the plot in his head and he sat quietly in the car that carried him. The car that carried his father was in less than a stone throw away. He watched his wristwatch patiently as bike riders tried to force themselves through every available space. Motorcycles had been long banned in major roads but that night was very different.

The signal was the gun shot into the air that would disburse the people and impose fear and get people on their heels. 

Timmy stepped out of the cab. The driver was gone and so was everyone else,  fleeing from the scene. 

He reached out for his pocket and he brought out a face towel then he rolled it around his palm. 

He had spotted four armed men ahead, circling a wounded man in a circle.  

He advanced with space knowing that the moment he slowed down it would be too late. 


"You won't do that! would you." 

The voice struck the men and they stopped. The man who already had his hands on the trigger lost it all and that gave Jimmy an advantage. He got off his feet. It was a thin line between life and death and he grabbed the man's finger and the gun away from him making sure any movement with the fingers was impossible. 

Timmy was left to attack the three men and he was quick at it. 

He was close enough to deceive them into into using a gun and caught then unaware with his knife, leaving them to bleed out to death.  

He got closer to the last guy struggling to get his gun out of his father's hand and he snapped his neck. He watched him crash into the ground and he held on his father and he held him off the ground. 

"Why?" Jimmy asked and Timmy smiled. "Family got Family's back no matter what?" 

He got him up making sure he leaned on him and he moved away. A car zoomed out of no where and it stopped right in front of them.  Their dragging feet stopped and they looked up. 

The door opened up and it was Martin waving them to climb in. Timmy stared in shock. He never expected Martin to help, Just the way  Jimmy had never expected him to save Him.  But it was all his plot a long time ago. 

"For family." Martin said as he helped Jimmy in. His blood was all over them. 

He looked back, expecting Timmy to climb in but the stiff look he got said a lot. 

"Going to save the last person." Timmy said. 

"I already saved Felix."

"Not Felix!"

Martin locked a contact with Timmy and this time the message was deeply rooted in the stare. 

"Mary" He said slowly and Timmy nodded.