Mike came down his car then he slammed the door close, the dim light in his garage was not enough for him to take a look at his green pencil Camry.  A reckless cab driver ran into his car in the hold up and he was unable to check it up right there. He did come down and rant but he was unable to check well.  

He used his phone's flash light and he checked the dent on the side of his car.  It wasn't so much a dent. He tried hitting his hands on the dented part and he thought about fixing it up when it was day break. He had always treated the car like a baby and he had repainted it over time.

He made sure his doors were well locked and he moved away from his garage till he was walking towards his main house. He reached his balcony and he sighted his door. A step closer and he struggling with his keys in the lock. He finally had it open and he walked into the dark living room. 

He forgot the switch and he reached for his couch then he dropped his bag. He could navigate through his whole house even without light. He was just so used to staying in the dark. He had stayed in the house for over two years and he knew his way around so well. There were times that he stayed all night without turning on the light in his living room. He sat not too long when he heard the movement. He knew right there someone was in the room with him. The breath was too hard for his ear not to pick up. He flew off the chair and he went for the switch. He stood close to the switch for a while as his eyes walked the room at length in the dark. 

He pushed the switch and the light came on with the click. His eyes bulged as a palm ran hurriedly across his lips, grabbing his mouth. He tried to break free but he was held back by the man's second hand. The grip was too strong that he gave up. His eyes hovered the room and he saw blood spot against his rug. A man was laying wounded. A gun was laying close to him and another man was laying paralyzed on his couch. The same couch he had sat on earlier but it was on the other side. He saw the papers on his central table, scattered.  His heart hammered faster than ever, with his heart beat loud enough to scare off a hunting praying Martin. He had a lot of questions to ask, but the feeling that that was going to be his last day kept him at piece. Whosoever held him must have killed those men after a disagreement and killing him would make him traceless. 

"If you have not gotten yourself involved it this..." The voice came from the north wing of the room and Mike straighted his gaze at the passage out of the living g room to the dinning room. Timmy was standing there mopping tears away from his hands. 

The man who had held him let go of his mouth at the gesture made by Timmy but he still held him back. 

"Wait!  did you."

"Yes I did." Timmy replied then he shrugged. He moved across the room till he reached the couch then he pushed away the paralyzed man off it. 

"It won't take my eyes off you till I am done."

"I am fine!"

"If I had not been here, you wouldn't have been half near fine." Timmy responded.  He looked away with his eyes fixed on the flat screen TV. 

"They traced you the moment they knew you made  a contact with me. Call the police now and tell them they broke in..."

"On what count?"

"Self defence." Timmy replied. 

"Leave him." He said to the guy behind Mike as he tried stopping him from reaching his phone. 

Timmy watched angrily as Mike forwarded a call to the police about the injured man in his apartment and he knew that only made things worse for him. Now he had to keep up with three people. He had plans never to get Mike involved now he just injured three mean either sent by Dura or his father on his account. 

The police car came first, then an ambulance followed with the three injured men wheeled up with handcuffs on them. Timmy never cared if they would be released after then, neither was he concerned if anyone was going to come around to attack Mike all he knew was that Mike was going to come over and stay with him in seaside until the whole deal would be done and that would be in a short while. He would need someone to run an underground online work to get out some data that would determine how he was going to run the operation. That he was going to ask Mike to nominate a friend for. He doesn't just want Mike on the project. But it would have been better, Mike working on the project than an outsider who might leak secrets.