Texter Eps65

Timmy spent a few moment of the night tracking the store they had delivered the flowers and when he found it, he planned a watch for the next day. 

The young man already had more than one proof that Mary was kidnapped by Dura and all he had left was to lay a good plan not getting anyone involved and recovering everyone. He wasn't going to ask Felix to be released and he wasn't going to beg Dura to let Mary go. With what he was planning he was going to act like he didn't know Mary had being taken. Behind his mind was another plan to pick up the group Jimmy was working with. He was going to convert them right after his death and that would guarantee the safety of Felix. A reminder came up and Timmy checked. In a week's time his father would be dead. The real death this time around. He was going to watch. It would be painful and horrific, but he just had to let it go. 

He went to bed around 3am and by 6 he was up.  He took his bath hurriedly and he got dressed to hit the road. When he got to the dinning, he met Anita asleep. A sighted a plate covered right on her side and he opened it up quietly only to meet his own share of the porridge. She must have stayed up expecting him to come out and eat and she could have planned a sorry. He returned the cover and he adjusted his suit then he matched out of the apartment. A driver was always waiting and soon he was away to the town. 

He pulled right in front of a story building with a long fence running around it and a black gate. The building was painted yellow, topped by a red roofing sheet. 

He climbed down and he told his driver to wait for him, then he approached the gate. He knocked and after a while the door got opened. He had been there before and that made his passage easy. 

He was walking into the waiting room and soon a woman came in. She looked dirty and clean, her hair was golden brown and her nails were long. She must have been going through a lot at the moment.

"Good morning." Timmy began and she replied with a skeptical nod. She adjusted the scarf she had around her chest and later she took it off only to run it around her head. 

"I came to see you about your husband's death. I want you to know he is fine."

"My son!" She started then she sighed. 

"You have been a source of courage for a while now and even after three months of his disappearance. You think he is still fine."

"Of course! He is fine." Timmy replied. "See, look at me. Just give me till this month. I will fix things and he would be back to you."

"Okkk... ok" She replied and she looked away. 

"But please don't forget that no one needs to know about this meetings and even if anyone confronts you, tell them i only came here to pay homage."

 She nodded as he reached out into his suit and he came back with a brown envelope. 

"Here is 100,000 Naira." He gave it to her. " I understand that all his accounts have been frozen and all his properties have been stepped upon. This will keep you till he gets back to settle things. You know what he does for a living right?" 

"Yessss" She replied slowly as she ran her palm up her arms. 

"That would be all for today Ma". Timmy said, standing as he adjusted his suit and he made it for the door. 

He got down and he smiled at the driver who had been waiting for a while then they took off again, heading for seaside. 

A brown Suv was parked far away from the building with tinted glass on both side and two men sat down in it watching. Just as the car went, one of the men who had a black head warmer on with a Black Bournemouth logo crested on it picked his phone and he dialed a number. 

"Hello sir. He just came visiting her again...  OK...  fine" He ended the call and the other guy who happened to be behind the wheels asked.

"What's the boss' decision?"

The guy with the head warmer on smiled and he replied. "We break in tonight and we would do the needful." 

They went silent for a while before the one with the head warmer thumbed a button on the stereo. The noise blasted unexpectedly and he quickly rushed into turning the volume button hurriedly to the left. 

They stayed still, waiting to see if anything else was going to happen.

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