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Come to think of a world without the cash family. Does that impose a drop in scam rate?. The whole of them could have been taken away bit by bit but a better option was to make them repent.

Everyday came and went and all of Timmy's activities experienced a shrink. He was no longer the lively young guy. Mike would have always wanted to see; and that made managing and watching him difficult. The only thing that struck a bell in Timmy's head was his mother and Shade. Even as much as he did  struggle with life. His head still suggested love to his heart. 

He would work late all day and get back home at night, sleeping off after a meal in the living room, and Anita would always be awake to help him with the blanket, preventing him from the cold. She was in love already, it was glaring enough from the way she stared at him from a distance and that spelt the crossing lines Mike had warned her about. 

Timmy on the flip side never cared. He doesn't even want her. Not for being ugly. If he laid his lines well with a well ducked memory lane, Anita would rank 10 amidst all the beautiful girl he had seen all his life. She looked portable and nice. His money was indeed showing, as she laid a strong hook on exposing her deep and articulate fashion sense and, once in a while after work Timmy would find himself lost on her,  admiring a beauty he knew deep down wasn't for him. 

It was all in two weeks, looking like they had been together for a year and Timmy couldn't just help but anticipate moments, playing the cheese game with Anita. She was a brilliant girl and she could make Timmy play up to 30 minutes before winning. 

One evening Timmy summoned up courage and he went the long way to visit Shade and on opening the door she welcomed him with a smile. 

"No flower?" She asked and that made him curious. He was going to ask questions so he played along. 

"No flowers for today." He said. 

He moved across the room and the smell of vegetables crawled up his nose, making it down his throat. It was difficult for him to concentrate. He liked the way she placed things in order and with the way she sat close to him on the couch, he was getting to loosen up already. The communication was easy and smooth and it felt like someone had being working things up for him. 

"What have you been doing with all the flowers I have been sending." Timmy asked and the frown he got from Shade made him want to change the topic. She stood up and she held his hands then she led him to a section of the house where she had an array of vases. She had carefully stocked the flowers in those vases. Timmy moved closer and he observed. He picked up the flower and he smelled it. Then he checked carefully for a tag while Shade watched closely believing he was up to something. 

"Just trying to check if they brought exactly what I ordered." 

"For real!" Shade exclaimed and when Timmy was done he noticed the whole flowers had been ordered from the same shop within a four days interval. The last came in two days ago so he presumed another flower was going to be in, the next day.

"And when do they deliver you the flowers." 

"Hmmmm, mostly at night. How much do you pay for the flowers?" She asked as she moved closer to him. "and how do you know I am in love with flowers."

"Maybe it means I am stalking you."

"You don't mean it." her eyes glowed like she had just been charmed. 

"I could have come over to tell you thanks. But I don't know where you stay." She added then she led him back to the living room.

"Tell me about yourself and your Family. I have heard a lot. You might want to tell me more." She said again making Timmy settle on the couch. She locked her fingers in his as she tried so hard to create the feeling. It was a dream come true for Timmy. He thought he would have worked so hard to get her and now she was just being cheap. 

"We are rich. Know that!" Timmy began and before he could finish up, her face was in his. 

They kissed passionately and when the extension was a proposal, Timmy stopped. She looked like a wild Lion wondering why he had stopped. She came closer again and his decision seem rigid. He made her feel bad and then he took her hands again and he told her those magical words. She felt the chill run down her spine and she struggled to control herself. She wasn't even sure about what attracted her. The money, the cute look, the class or the position.  

Timmy went away with one thing at heart. He was quick to determine, Shade had loved him because he had the cash as a young man and another thing told him she might be planning to get him, since she's Dura's cousin. 

He got to his apartment and walked in like a step into paradise. The smell of his favorite porridge caught him unawares and soon he was moving towards the kitchen like a Zombie. Anita was in a long T-shirt and she was washing up the plates. 

"Good Evening." He said then he nodded and he moved across the kitchen with his nose doing the hunting.  Without a false guess he located the pot. He pulled open the cover and he touched the porridge with his index finger. He took some away for his mouth and he smashed it around his mouth with pleasure. 

"You cook good." He said and he looked right, only to see an angry girl with a fork tightened in her grip. 

"Good night." he said hurriedly, and he was out of the kitchen to his room. She never wanted him away. She was only angry he touched the whole food with an unwashed hands.

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