Texter Episode 61

Anyone would have known things weren't right. Mike suspected that but he wasn't going to talk. He knew Timmy for slamming. A certified midnight savage. He could talk to you, and make you quit your job telling him to shove your mine months salary down his ass. He doesn't owe staffs. But his words were that thick, and mind disrupting.  

Mike moved the car across seaside and soon they were close to the public apartment. He slowed down with his full lights on and he parked the car carefully without scratching anyone's life saving. Though the other cars had been wrongly packed but he still had put things right. 

Getting down was like forcing a comb of maize down the throat of a straw neck ave. It was so tight that they had to force themself out. 

Making it into the apartment was fast with their eyes catching on the sleep that would never come. 

Timmy threw his keys far into his lock and he felt like sleeping off with his head on his door. Mike would never let that happen. 

Soon they were in and before Timmy could push back the door Mike was already in the couch, turning around to take off his shoes. 

"Who is in charge of this room?" Timmy asked as he took away the clip that made the card movement easy. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and he slid out of it carefully. 

Mike forced his eyes open to know why the question was asked. It did move far when the little disorganization in the room came to sight and he heaved a sigh of distress. He yawned loudly and he shook his head like he was going to shake out a reply. Then he said slowly. 

"Section 21." as he crossed his legs with his eyes tightly close and that was all.  

Timmy took away the device he had stuck to his arm then he let go of the pile of cards stocked in the thin layer device. 

He had that on the glass table a bit far away from the couch and he stood to study the room again. He wanted to know what went wrong. It was so clear that someone came into the room and he wanted to pick out every fact. 

He went for the telephone on a dwarf stool close to his fridge and he dialed sea side service line. Then he confirmed section 21 never came in officially. 

He nodded, knowing it was caused by his choice of a public apartment with no guard and no proper monitoring of a CCTV and he was going to fix that by dawn. 

He went into his room and he changed to a yellow polo shirt and a joggers then he reached out to his living room. He picked one or two things and soon he was out of his apartment in the late night with his cross bag. The room wasn't save for any classified work and that was enough reason for him to walk around seaside for over twenty minutes to reach the scam house and access the peak of seaside. 

No need for introduction. They all saluted as he passed. Yes!  the workers!... From guards to supervisor and other top workers on the night shift. They all saluted.

He used the elevator and soon he was at the peak, behind those metal doors and walls where no one would be able to eavesdrop on his conversation. 

His bag had dug into his side long enough so it was a thing of joy he as parting with it. In a minutes he held out his cell and he made a restricted call to Martin, Just like he had always done. 

"I believe the job is done." he said with his eyes fixed on the blue curtain against the window, then he pulled it aside with his hands taking it all left wing. 

"Busted son! your father pulled the string too fast. Mary even went in for it. Don't know what to say if her people come finding." The voice came back, and it shot chill right at Timmy's spin. 

His cold eyes showed he needed more information, but his actions were the opposite. He ended the call and he went reclining into one of the arm chairs in the room. He opened up his bag and he carried out his laptop. He turned it on to read the little material he had gathered in his mail from the premium service he had applied on to get e-books on logic and the boundary between being smart and being extra smart. 

But all that wasn't going to happen tonight!  Mary's kidnap was all his head was processing.  


Jimmy paced the office attached to his flat from side to side and after about two minutes he heard footstep approaching his door. 

He didn't wait for the knock to land when he moved swiftly and he lifted off the metal bar that he had against the door. He pulled a string here and he pushed one there, then the door came opening.  

A tall man with a chunky beards that had a full touch of gray walked in. He looked feeble as he managed to keep his heads up. 

"Reports from the gate I asked you to watch." Jimmy asked him, standing.

"Two men tried to break into the restricted area. And we also spotted a car packed outside, yards away with a lady and an older man..."

"Martin!" Jimmy said with his hands clenching into a fist. 

"But later. The lady got moved!"

"What do you mean by moved!" Jimmy found the old man's eyes. 

"Yeah! The older man had a thing to do outside and five men came armed to move the lady." The man explained. 

"Mary!" he exclaimed. 

"Did you see her?" He asked again. 

"No sir. We monitored from afar." 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya