Texter Eps60 

Martin took a narrow stare at his wrist watch and the frown on his face grew more visible. He had been out there on that spot right in that car for over ten minutes with Mary by his side and he had never expected the whole operation to stay that long. 

His hands vibrated as he lost patience gradually and he would have tampered with his horn if it wasn't a secret thing. 

He checked the time again as he readjusted his sleeves with his wrist coming closer to his face. 

"What's it?" Mary asked as he expected a solid reply.  

Nothing came forth and that prompted her to reach her lips with her fingers. 

"I don't know. But I smell something is fishy. They should be here by now." He said, looking up to his roof. He reached out for his phone on the dashboard and he touched the lock button and he whisked. 

The deal was for Felix to be brought to him before 12:30. It had been set for faster movement to be done at the absence of Jimmy, and that was why the whole game show was staged, with Timmy risking his life to get his father glue. 

It all wasn't going to waste. Is it? 

Martin shook his head as he climbed down the car.  He slammed the door close. He stepped out into the street and the wave came against his face. He looked up at the apartment built close to each other. The bad gutter and the broken road with purging smell climbing down his lungs. 

He wasn't going to take a step further. But he did. He fought his legs so hard that he got in control and soon he was out to see what was wrong. 

He moved through the deadly road with the moon lightning his part, he spotted the gate into Jimmy's new empire but there was no sight, nothing was going to come off it. 

He used his wrist 

watch again as he managed to spy on the time. He frowned. 

-12:52- He whisked with the dry air getting off his nostrils and mouth. 

-Nothing was in there for him- He admitted in disappointment and he moved back to his car. 

It was dark and hard finding his way back but it had to be done. He mustn't be caught out there staying too long. Jimmy would be back soon. Timmy only guaranteed an hour and nothing on Earth was going to make him responsible if they stayed over an hour, which would be against the agreed time. 

He glared suspiciously as he moved towards his car and he yanked his door opened in disappointment only to get a freeze in his system.

Mary was gone!  He reached out for the pieces of paper on the empty seat and he read the message on it. 

"Sons were made to outsmart fathers." 


The game ended not like it had been planned with just two men doing the constant winning it wasn't too quick for people to have guessed that it had been staged. 

But it all was a leg into a bowl of confusion when other men on the table began to make winnings. 

No one could suspect the two winning players and no one was knowing enough to link their connection. 

Soon it was 2am and the whole board was dissolved. People were checked out and everything folded faster than anyone could give account of. Those who made large winnings bounced away without notice and those who were strong enough to have back their cash wanted the game to go on, but that was all for the night. 

Timmy made it faster than he can with the brief case between his laps and Mike on his side driving them back to sea side. 

"Congrats!" Mike said with his eyes still fixed on the road. 

"Naaaa. Only left for them to do their job right."

"I knew you would say that."

"Of course! What's else would I have said. But sincerely, I was scared when he never showed up."

"I know." Mike flicked as he gave a low toned reply. 

"Yes! and why are you still sad."

"Am I?" Mike flashed a beam and he got moved reply from Timmy. 

"One of my cousin needs help. Her mum is down in the clinic in need of an operation, that is settled. But she said she wants to work in seaside to get little cash for her self. She has agreed to drop out and do waec next year. But she is just after the money."

"How old is she?"

"18! She is not even letting anyone help with the cash. Complaining we all neglected her when her mom was still healthy."

"Can't you give the cash?" Timmy asked and mike smiled. 

"25 Million Naira is what she needs. I don't have that." 

"You want her mother saved right? I get."

"She would have to work for it."

"She said that already. No doubt. She wants that" 

"I told you I needed an office assistance. Can she do that?" 

Mike took a deep breath as he pushed the car forward slowly. 

"I would talk to her."

"Good!  Stop thinking about the bills. Let her come see work. I won't pay her but I will clear her mum's hospital bills. I can do anything for you."

Mike reached out to Timmy's shoulder with his hands and he pushed him gently. He withdrew his hands facing the road fully and he smiled,  feeling relieved.

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