Texter Eps59

The feeling in there was high, with smokes fighting off every corner the air had to circulate more. The cold was blasting and the windows went open for better ventilation. 

One thing led to another and a thing called attention on another. The beef was high but every attempt to trigger a fight was at it's minimal. 

Thirty minutes has passed and the game was nowhere close to a start. 

A lot had happened and it wasn't like the whole activity had been paused. 

The board man looked up with a long face and  shuffled his cards this last time. 

"Let's play!" He said with an expressionless look as he watched out for everyone to had paid for the game coins. (The plastic coins used to represent cash.)

Timmy rubbed his palm together, creating the exact kind of heat that would keep him in form as he listened to the board man call card order. 

The cards went around and soon all the twelve men had cards right in front of them. 

A game of tension it became, with Men having hard cash at stake. Now it was going to be a do or die affair and just one winner would be rewarded. 

You either pull a draw, have the cash shared or you totally lose out on it. 

The men standing around already made it worse, calling figures they had yet seen and placing bet on men that one would have more cards than another. Some places bets on outcomes like a player would have a double card. Some placed bets like a player would have a round twenty figure if both card numbers would be put together. The trick was this, call your outcome and see if anyone would jump at it. 

The tension got high as the board man raised up his fingers and everyone pulled his card closer. He didn't have to say one more word. It was time to know who would be in with cash or not. 

Every man except one who had a brown towel around his neck and a sparkling gold chain, running around the scope of the wrist didn't submit cash. He had the doubt the game was going to be bad. 

The board man tapped his finger and everyone pulled their cards to their enclosure. You could imagine the long face,  disappointment and hurt. 

The hush went around the table and everyone waited for a person to drop the cards. 

It began.  

"5.12. That's 17 in total." One player proclaimed waiting for the side bet, of course around the table. 

"I bet on your 5 to be a triangle." Another player called the shape. 

"It's a square. Place 10K" Another man cried. 

The silence was long and no one was ready to interfere again. 

The board man packed up the remaining cards and he went to assist with coin collection. 

"Who else is in?" He called.

It was a dead end. The silence was mutual around the table. One of the standing men who had placed an accurate bet for the figure 17 could not hold back his joy. 

The two players who had called shapes, placed out their bet and the man with the cards dropped it off. 

It was a star. They both lost, and it was a plus for the board. Their coins were retrenched in favour of the board,  making the two men sad. 

"Let's drop." The board man said and everyone began to drop their cards. 

Timmy waited patiently as he gave way for the passage in his sleeves. 

He held his first card and he gave a little twist to his arms. His card went fast down his sleeves into his arm and a smaller figure card popped out. He retained the other card seeing it was small enough to win and then it came to his turn. He dropped. 

"3 cross and 1 circle." He said confidently as he watched the whole table grumble. The game was up and he watched the board man load all the coins to him. 

Those who placed side bets pushed out the noise because it called a win and those who lost had a remorseful bow. 

The rule was easy. With 5 or more different cards mixed together. People could arrive at the same figure. In fact five people could hold a similar card. 

"I guess I didn't come late." A coarse voice came from the extreme end of the table, calling for attention,  which it got. 

Timmy stopped loading his brief case with cash as he looked up with a dashing smile. 

A man was at the other end of the table with a brief cash expected to be stocked with cash. His face was half burnt and his suit was well tailored to have been able to put his structure in place that he looked so much like the Jimmy cash Sea side once had without the burns.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya