Texter Eps58

It was exactly 12am and the cool breeze was beginning to circulate. 

The game house was filled to the brim with different kinds of people rushing for tickets. The rich were around likewise the poor, throwing all they have to support one party or the other. Men came in with big briefcases, long and chunky moustache without the tobacco stick missing. 

Everyone of them came around to bet down his last penny and you could see whores littering every corner trying to convert a gamer into a man ready to give all for a one night stand. 

At the game house, equality was the trick and class was well defined. 

If you had a brief case filled with cash; you are welcome to sit at the table, but if you have just what your pocket could contain, standing would be just prefect. 

The game house was a long hall with attractive lights hanging down the roof and hard face men standing around to check up people's ethic. 

With over 150 men in whole it was a sign that commercials paid off and it couldn't have been any better for the panned space. 

Timmy sat off at one end with Mike behind him keeping an eye on everything that happened in the circle. 

The board man was a bulged belle man who sounded like he had a stone blocking his nostrils. His voice wasn't just it but the fact that people could hear him speak caused no alarm. 

He shuffled the cards lazily and soon he was setting it aside. 

He began by welcoming everyone on board, then he began to spill the rules, while Timmy consulted his wristwatch as he got worried about his father's absence. He wanted him there at the moment and if he wasn't; that would be a blow on his plans. He adjusted himself uneasily on the chair and he looked out again. He saw no sign of his father. 

The board man gave him an eye contact and he whisked off the sign. 

"Just 10 minutes the game will begin." The board man proclaimed, plugging the whole of the house into murmuring, generating unnecessary sounds and sign. But it all got better when glasses and bottles began to go around. 


It was exactly six minutes past 12 when Shade carried herself off the couch and she went ahead to turn the TV off from the socket. She looked around tiredly to see if she had not left anything untouched as she moved across the room to use the switch. She wanted the light out desperately so she could use the couch and let it off till the next day. Her room was just a thousand miles away. She stood close to the wall with her hands against the switch and her eyes wandering off west wing as it settled on a note coming off the door. It must have been gently passed in by someone. 

She moved towards it carefully and she held on to it,  pulling it completely off the basement of the door. She lifted it up to her eye level and she gazed at the scrambled message. 

"I have flowers for you," it's outside.

From Timmy." 

She nodded her head, not going to fall for the trap and she found her way to the couch. She was laying sleepy on it with the lights still on and her next attempt is to see how beautiful her roof was filed. She was fast asleep without an account of how!


Two men stood close to an open bonnet. One had a torch pointing at the other who was working on the engine. 

The one with a piece of cloth tied around his arms finally let go of the engine and he asked the other guy with the torch to go start the car. 

The guy with the torch climbed into the car and after several turn in the key hole, but the car remained stubborn.  

Jimmy searched out for his pack of cigarettes and he stumbled out a stick. He found his lips and he had it stocked between his teeth then he went into his jacket for a match box. 

"What's the probability that this car would start." He asked with a red light pointing at his face as the guy behind the wheels kept trying to put the car to work. 

"2/5 sir." The guy said forcefully.