Texter Eps57

Jimmy stood out his library as he took noiseless sips off his glass of wine.  He gnashed his teeth with his eyes going for his window. The light coming in was strong so he moved closer to it and he pulled the curtain together with one hand as he managed to make things work. 
He moved across the room and he returned all the books he had took out into his shelf, except one which was laying idle on his table. It was the manuscript of the new book he was working on and it was going to be his last. He was stuck at the last end and he didn't know what next to write. He started it when his life was threatened to extinction and now that he was free, the flow he had with the pen had reduced. Albeit, he was keen on finishing it and having it published. The rest of his books had been privately published and it was all about his life and trick. It was like a journal. But he only made few copies for his library. But this was bigger and it was like a compilation of his previous books. 
His alarm blew out and he reached his phone. He returned to the window and he noticed a car had been prepared. He muttered a few affirmation and he reached for the exit of his library. He was going to be at the midnight game and win some cash. He reached the new room he was just trying to blend to and he reached out for his closet for a big bag. And he dropped it close to his feet. He looked around to see if no one was watching and he switched on his phone's flash. Then he emptied the bag and he took a knife out and he slashed the side of the bag. Then he withdrew a hand like device. He checked it out and he shook dust off it. He rolled his sleeves and he wore the device of his hands and he felt it, then he rolled on his sleeves. It was perfect and flexible. He trusted the device to the core and he felt confident as he walked out of the room through the exit and he looked out for his driver. He had to be on the road as soon as possible. 
Martin watched the clock for a while and after 30 seconds he was convinced he needed to get out on the street. 
"We would move now." He said, standing with the help of his table. He crossed the room as Mary helped herself quickly into a thick cardigan. The night cold was going to be blood freezing. She wanted mobility and sensitivity to be at it's peak so she was ready to sacrifice all the sexiness. 
They got out of the house, moving close to each other as she reached out for the gate. 
"And where will you tell her you went to." 
"I am bribing this man to keep my entry and exit records clean. He won't say a word. We would be back before she wakes." Martin explained as he flashed a smile at the dark man who came to help him open the gate. 
They stood outside and in three minutes a speeding car came to an halt right at their feet and they climbed in. 
Martin checked his wrist and he coughed. 
"10:49" He said aloud as he watched Mary glowered. 
"So what's next." Mary asked. 
"Nothing else. Just to take Felix out and get all we need as per information." 
Mary sighed. "That's not all to it I suppose." Her brow arched as she tampered with her furrow. Her brown eyes glowed in the dark and Martin looked away with his hands touching his lips. 
He adjusted his shirt and he gave the driver a few orders.
They got to the main road after 20 minutes then it was some minutes past 11. The driver pulled up close to the side walk and he stepped out. He gave the keys to Martin and the front seat had itself occupied by Martin and Mary while the driver stayed out of the car.
The car got into motion as the engine roared to life and they zoomed off. 
"And you would just ignore the question like you have been doing right? Then you come attacking me." Mary blotted. 
Martin was silent as he handled the wheels carefully. 
He sighed then he watched the lady ranting with the side of his eyes as he kept the road close to his gaze. 
"We are working with Timmy." He said briskly and an eerie hush clouded the atmosphere. He could see the flash of shock run through Mary and he shook his head. 
"I didn't want to tell you. You forced me."
"Alllll... rightttttttt... This is getting more interesting." Mary took her hands against her chest. 
"Tell me more." She said again,  looking side ways at Martin. 
"If this is a success. I will tell you all you need to know only if you confess Timmy being your son." Martin said and the foster smile on Mary's face grew cold.

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