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The news got quick around the city. The midnight game was the talk and It had been heard before, not in this city. But now it was been trended like it was part of the culture.  

The traffic was so bad that it held Jimmy aback.  He leaned against his seat and he looked out through the window. He wasn't going to ask a question. All that he saw were tags. Men in T-shirt promoting the Midnight game. 

The traffic loosen and cars rushed forward to fill up spaces.

It went on and on, making the major roads extremely busy. Jimmy was to move for lunch and now he was wondering why he was going to drive that long to eat. Trust was the issue. If something was going to have him dead it was certainly not going to be good poisoning. 

A vendor came around chanting, selling off his papers at discounted rates in the hot sun. It was noon already and  it would be an old paper in couple of hours.  

Jimmy rubbed his palm together generating heat. The car was cold with fresh blast of cold air been pumped regularly into circulation. 

The vendor came closer to the car moving at horse speed and soon some other vendors came to attack Jimmy's car. 

He told his driver to let down the window and he collected two of the papers. He paid and he had his window rolled up again. 

The headline was catchy. He rubbed his rough jaw as he went ahead for the head line. He was on the bigger news paper when he caught the Headline. 

500,000 dollars up for the grab. 

The midnight game. 

He shock his head, determining not to read more. He went straight to the 12th page that talked about the man who was arrested for Grand Theft. 

He checked his wrist watch and he shook his head. He had just one more hour to spend in town. He had to be on his way to warri for some ammunition deal. If that was going to work well. He was going to expand the little empire he had craved for himself in the slum. Run some dirty deal and work on pulling down seaside if Timmy wasn't going to give up he wanted the power so bad. 


The room was as cold as ever with memories of the past that came hunting. Timmy took his walk from the desk and he stopped at the long shelf. He stretched to pick few books then he swapped their positions. They weren't still looking good for him. He kept swapping for over 5 Minutes and he didn't stop till the knock he had expected landed on his door. 

He moved across the room,  pulled open the door and he allowed Mike in. He yanked the door close as Mike stepped out of his shoe one at a time.

"My feet hurts!" Mike admitted. 

Timmy frowned and he let down his hands into his pocket. "I know. Sorry about the stress. After now we would go check on the fat man again."

Mike moved over to the fridge in the office. It was west wing close to a long table that hosted a lot of desktop computers. 

"You mentioned that you wanted someone to help you with typing in here?"

"Yes! Personal secretary." Timmy admitted as he watched Mike gulp down water nosily. 

"How do you plan tonight." He asked, then he wiped his lips dry with the back of his palm. 

"Fixed it all over. Stood as a sponsor and I made it go all over the papers. Had the boys fix a road side campaign to follow his route. Since last night operation told us all we needed."

"What if all that fails."

Timmy smiled. "They all can't fail. And even if they all do." Timmy fixed one of the books back to it right position . 

"I will target his lunch spot and dinner spot with my best men. The game is 12Midnight." 

"I have Intel he might travel out of town this evening."

" I heard the same. But 500,000 dollars is much to be ignored. Let's watch." 

Mike picked the bottle and he moved across the room for his shoe. 

"It's cold in here he said." 

"What about your grandad's school?"

"I have not said yes. Just stopped thinking. See Mike! I have a lot. Bring it one at a time. Tonight game's first."

"I know." Mike replied, with his eyes finding shelter in Timmy eyes. 

"So we burst in while you play and we extract everything we can."

"Yes! Free Felix! We need him alive to know who is puppeting Dura. My father will be out of the equation soon."

"I get all this. What If we kill him first and... " Timmy frowned and Mike stopped. 

"I know how bad I want him dead but he is still my father."

"I understand." Mike said,  feeling remorse.


Mike ate up the frown as he watched Timmy move across his office. He picked his phone off his desk and he went through it. Then looked up.

 "You said tomorrow is your fiances' birthday." 

"Yes!" Mike's face brightened. 

"Will Hundred K run all the expenses." 

Mike's jaw dropped and he got lost, finding a perfect word for a reply. 


Jimmy went on with the last wrap of his Fufu. He took a large cut and he immersed it into the bowl of Okro soup. He raised his fingers to his lips and he licked. Hs Went searching for the long ponmo he assumed must have drown long enough in the pepper stew and he socked it up from the central. That juice gave him the right feeling. A stone face man was standing on his right hand with a dark shade against his face. 

Jimmy slayed the last of the fufu and he washed his hands. He stood up and he decided he was going to visit the counter himself for payment. 

He got there and while he was having his bill cleared.  He fell on what he had been running away from. It was a hand bill talking about the midnight game again. 

"Sorry what's this about." The waiter looked at his his half burnt face then he muttered her words in fear. 

"A game show!  It's a gamble!  Cards and dice, I suppose. 500,000 thousand dollars for the winner." She managed to give him all the details in a quick time just like she had been paid. Jimmy looked beyond her eyes in search for something suspicious but she left his face quickly just like she had been warned. He picked up one of the advertisement bill and soon. He was in his car again. 

"Sir! To the airport right?" His driver asked as he rolled the car away from the food joint. 

"No! "Jimmy replied sharply. He gave the stone face guy on his right. One who was ready to do anything for him as long as his pay would never be short. 

"Find a contact on that Bill and put me on the games no matter what." 

The man collected the bill and he began to study. 

"Drive home. We have a lot to do." Timmy ordered his driver.  

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