Texter Eps51

The whistling kettle on the gas cooker was discouraging. It was taking more time than expected. He was going to make tea together with bread. 

The flat had been fixed. Everything was in it except food stuffs that was left for him to get. He thought about getting someone to help him with the cooking but he had to survive through night first.  He stayed close to the kettle and he took off heat to break the cold.  

He moved across the kitchen towards the window and he pushed it open after a quick adjustment on its lock. The rain wasn't as heavy as it was earlier and it was going to be easy for him to get food now. 

He moved away from the kitchen and he made it to the living room. The living room was close to being empty except the 42 inches TV, Dstv, Center table, sofa and couch, nothing else was present.  

He was going to change anything and make the flat fit to his taste.  

He wanted to make everything hidden but now he was left with no choice. 

He sank into the couch and he made a call. 

"I am stocked in the new flat man!"

"Thought you made plans." The voice replied. 

"Crossed my mind. You even caused it. You stopped me when the rain started, remember "

"So what are we doing?"

"Do the needful!"

"Not tonight help yourself man. First thing tomorrow morning I will fix things." 

"Ohhhhhh!" Timmy took the phone off his ear and he ended the call.  He checked for his wallet and he took the stairs down his flat. He got to the last floor and he made it out. The lights in the street made it easy for him to look. He wasn't going to walk blindly in the street. This was seaside! And for tonight he was just a normal human. Not the  popular Timmy cash. He stayed away under a shield outside the apartment as he waited for someone to pass. He found a woman who got dropped by a cab and he helped her with her bags. She told him where he could get what he wanted and when he was done helping her with her bags he raced off and he returned with a sachet of Bonvita and peak milk, with bread. 

He made it to his flat, unpleased at the water he boiled. He took off a white mug,  washed it under the running tap and he made it with his tea. It was good. The water wasn't too much and it was fit for his bread. He rushed over his bread and soon it was just him and his cup of tea. He sat down with his cup on the dusty side table and he unzipped his bag for his laptop. 

He walked through the booting process as quick as possible then he attached his smart drive to the laptop. He went for the encrypted files, made it readable and he went for the videos over and over again. With his hands on the replay button he watched over and over again till he was sure he had missed nothing. He took a loud sip on his already cold tea again and he decided he had to watch the video from the start. 

The car! The bomb blast!  How it happened. Proofs that Felix wasn't in the car. He stopped and he returned to the video folder.  He unencrypted all the available footage and he began to watch. 

If Felix left in the car and he wasn't involved in the bomb blast then he must have left the car before hand. 

He watched all the movement in the traffic how the car stopped, the movement. He still wasn't getting it. 

He replayed it again. The stops in the traffic was all he focused on. He noticed a cab staying close to the car and he noticed the movement. The back door close to the car conveying Felix opened but the movement was shielded. He could notice nothing detailed. 

He got the plate number of the car and he made another call. 

"Good evening! Yeah it's me. Can you do me a little favour" He asked and he waited for a reply. 

"I just need you to help me check this number and know who had it registered. It's a cab...Yes!... Thanks. I will text it to you now." He ended the call and he forwarded another call to Mike. 

"I think I just made progress concerning the kidnapping. I will text you a name soon. I have spotted the Cab that saved Felix from the accident. I guess he was kidnapped..." The line dropped and Timmy glowered at his phone. He knew he was low on airtime. 

He recharged from his bank account and he redialled Mike's line. 

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