Texter Eps49 

Timmy picked his phone very early the next day.  He arranged his appointment on bed and when he was done, he felt bored about his apartment.  He wanted a change.  He thought about shade for a while before he switched over to a better thing. He needed to arrange some boys to help Hakeem move in his container. He needed to know who the fastest mover on his team is. He had a list for that and soon as he was all over the only man in life,  Mike.  

He was on phone for 30 minutes and all he talked about was enrolling to his grand father's school. Like that was not bad enough, no one on the board of sea side must know about he leaving office except he was going to take a leave and that would announce his absence, giving people the liver to ask where or why about his leave. 

He ended the call when his ears told him the call was too long and he rushed into his bathroom. He filed out of the apartment as usual and he booked for a regular one in the same apartment Shade was. He was told about an occupant that was paying double for the 3 bedroom flat. He tripped the deal right on phone with a large tip for the booker. This is seaside and all rules must be observed for the records to be kept clean. Timmy understood that. It was out of his designated apartment. But the founding love for Shade made him want the room next to her badly. 

He was glad to the extent that he wished whosoever the booker was know how happy he is. He didn't make the mistake of disclosing his identity and soon he got a ticket and opening code by mail. 

He reached for the Avil after twenty minutes and he was glad to know Mike was around to see him with positivity. 

"I guess it's not what I expected?"

"Determines on what you expect sir!" Mike replied politely as he sank into the free armchair facing Timmy's table. He touched Timmy's favourite toy. A framed globe pinned on a flat glass board.  

"Are you getting this replaced?" Mike asked.  "Hmmm!" He gave a long sigh as he shook dust off the table while Mike watched his mouth move rhythmically. 

"Chewing gum?" He asked. 

Timmy brought out his tongue then he gave a roll on gesture to Mike.  

"Yes! I just booked a flat on Shade's apartment."

"Are you out of your mind?" Mike blotted.  His eyes spurned in aggression.  He rolled his large eye ball aside and he rested his face on the end of his palm in regret.  

"Do you have a plan B?" He asked again.  Timmy nodded then he scratched his hair. 

"Tell me about me going to the Old man's school?"

"It's about Dura!"

"What about him." 

"He has a son there."

Timmy smiled. "Don't think about kidnapping? Is that what you have in mind?." Mike nodded in agreement. 

"No...No...No!" Timmy repeated.  He stretched his hands for a shake. 

"Good one!" He agreed as he hit his palm against Mike's. 

"And about you moving to a public flat. hmmm" Mike asked,  crossing his hands against his chest.  He leaned on the arm chair as his eyes walked around the art work hanging behind Timmy.

"You know the security would be lesser there right?"

"I know that." Timmy said.  "And I would love you to leave my home work as it is."

"I trust your judgement. But I don't trust you not spoiling things for your good. Don't tell me the girl is also a bait." 

"If she falls for me before my father's burial...Fine!" Timmy said standing.  

"I hate this suit." Timmy said standing.  He slid out of the suit and he wore it on his chair.  His suspender was firm on him and it made him bossy. The thin beard running down his ear towards his chin was finding it hard to connect despite the excessive cream.  

"Mike!" Timmy called. 

Mike's eyes made it away from the table to the young boy now turning a man.  

"My birthday is tomorrow."

"I never forgot." Mike sighed.  

"And you know we are blocking your father tomorrow at Ace's joint."

"I know!" Timmy answered briskly.  

"And you know it's would be bloody!"

"Yes I do." Timmy smiled, trapping his suspender. He could not wait for the next day.

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