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With the help of mike and more solid pranks. Timmy was able to convince Shade they could meet some other time. 

He broke into the fun of the evening as he took some time out to stare at the the windows. He loved the frame work. He told mike about it. He wanted the same in his office. He touched it and he felt a little dust. He frowned and he crossed his hands against his chest. Now he was far away from shade and he had stopped staring. 

Minutes later the get together was wrapped to a close and Timmy had to step out to see The Wallace. 

He sighted the couples talking to one commissioner and he adjusted his collar. It was like an adjustment on his confidence. He was going to seal another deal he knew nothing about. One thing with his meeting with The Wallace was the deal. Hakeem Wallace has a big beer company. He is involved in shipping thousands of expensive German beer across the border. He had some other business that brought him more than enough to host a monthly get together party and to live in a mansion as big as this. 

"Hey!" Hakeem called out. He waved to Timmy to come closer and he anticipated the move. 

"Eyes on me!" Timmy said from the side of his mouth as he fronted a smile.

He stepped closer as he by passed a server. 

"Mrs halimat." Timmy stopped facing Hakeem's beautiful wife. 

"Young Lord." She responded with a twisted smile as she allowed him reach her husband. 

"Meet my daughter." Hakeem said, motioning a slim, talk dark lady. She had a smart lips and her lips stick was prompt. She had a dashing smile but her legs! Timmy looked discouraged. Her legs were not too straight for his likeness. He had a very sharp eyes and he could notice better than his peer. 

"Timmy." He said, gliding his hands into hers. She felt his soft palm and she was quick to let go. 

Hakeem extended his hands for Timmy's shoulder and they moved away from where anyone could hear them. 

"My container would be landing from Germany in two weeks time. I need all the support I can get." 

Timmy smiled. His eyes went for the hard tied floor. 

"Contra band?" He asked. His eyes met with Hakeem's hard face. He read a quick meaning to it and before he could straighten up with a shrug. Hakeem was speaking again.

"I considered that done! My friend."

"Off course. I will have my guys look into it."

"Good!" Hakeem said. 

Timmy took his time out to have a quick tour around Hakeem's face. His  thick black moustache was too irritating, making the young boy to wonder how he made love to his wife. 

"What is this I hear about Jimmy! Is he no longer a ghost." 

"I hear the rumor too. I have not seen him one on one." Timmy replied firmly with a wavering pitch. 

Hakeem sighed then he nodded. 

"Let's join the party." He said, adjusting his sleeves. His hard eyes said it all. Jimmy been alive must remain a rumor. 

Timmy knew it was going to remain a rumor. His father would be taken out soon and no one who have to alter his mood at any party again. 

Hakeem had lifted the coin again and he had tossed it at sea side. This meant more money for Sea side and Timmy. 

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