Texter Eps 37

Jimmy's arrival in sea side went like a wild fire. It took the widest part of people's heart. You could see the workers panic and everything go out of place till it was Late mid night. 

Dawn came up with despair only few could tell the problem, except those who witness the rage at seaside conference room. 

The gates got opened for official activities by 8 am and soon the whole executive and general lot got filled. Cars had to park outside. The security was tighter than ever and no one could say which activity was pulling in so much crowd. Nothing specific was happening. There was nothing going on in the halls. But people were just around like they were been sent. Normal business activity was up and it looked like everyone was been watched. It was like seaside had been settled where the eyes of an hovering bird could take an aimless glance. 

Timmy locked himself up in the peak of seaside. Sipping juice and watching sets of movies. Since Jimmy had taken it up to himself to showed up officially, Timmy had not been getting himself. He kept toiling with movies till it was midday when the sun was over head then he got a call from his office that he had some documents to sign.

He called for the document to be brought to seaside where he choose to be his residential office for the day. 

His office secretary came in and he did the needful. I mean signing necessary documents and commending her dress. 

She got off and he switched tabs to vlc where he got embodied again. He called for a pack of popcorn and when it was 2pm he was already done with three movies about to move to the fourth when his personal phone came on. Its sound was deafening. It wasn't too loud but he felt it was deafening. He picked it gladden to know the caller was mike. His little research about his father must have been set and he knew what he was  expecting was going to be mind blowing. 

"Did you get something for me." Timmy said with a hand full of popcorn rising up to his mouth. He stuffed it in and he chewed aggressively while listening. 

He mumbled some unclear words and he ended the call. 

He smacked his hands against each other and he send a short message to Mike.

-Meet me now with everything you can gather I am on the peak. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen today and it might hit someone Important.-

©Godwin Okhuoya