Texter Eps36 

The meeting was going to start in a few minutes time and the whole board were on seat ready to slay the young man for looking like a worn out beast. His hair was rough and his cloth was out of place. As an helmet he should be cooperate on meeting days. 

Two minutes more. Timmy confirmed, and he gave his secretary the order to pass a form around. 

He coughed lightly as he watched the time spin up and he stood off the rocking chair he sat on, the moment he noticed it was time. 

There was nothing to talk about. They all wanted to say congratulation on wiring the cash successfully to Nigeria and maybe pass a public bill about the absence of their member, Felix. It had been more than a week now. Nothing official had been said. 

The oldest member on the board stood up and he addressed the board about the death. He laid hold on the pain and the important man Felix had been. He talked about his role as the head of the sea side ICT team and how bitter his family would be. 

Timmy monitored the secretary and he made sure all the minutes taken was effective. 

That was done and it was time for the helmet to wrap up the whole meeting. Seal off Felix as a board member and block any path for a new replacement. Been a board member at seaside was more than election. 

"I see a better tomorrow. Here at sea side. Permit my language. I might sound rude and out of courtesy. But I know every word of what I say." Timmy started out. He got the board's attention and he noticed they could guess his headway. 

"I talked about security a month ago and you all can see." 

He got a random sigh from the board and  that kept him on. 

"I believe if the security system I mention a month ago had been approved and put to place the chances of Felix dying would have been slim. Imagine! he was attacked. For goodness sake, he could have seen that coming. May be we could have. Should I say, the measures I talked about it set, should have." He pound on the conference table as he spoke. 

A mild metallic sound came off the exit and they all had their attention transfered with Timmy's jaw dropping. A blue light flashed off the security lock box and before the security guys could run over to the door, it was flying open. 

A lot ran across Timmy's mind right from when the light came on and when the door began to move. 

A man stepped into the dim lit room with two other suited men behind him. He took off his hat and he flashed an encrypted smile. It was Jimmy cash. 

A noisy struggle began in the room and soon it went out of hand. 

"Hello!" Jimmy began. "I guess I wasnt missed." Jimmy said as he stared into his son's eyes. 

"Its been a while...son." Jimmy stretched his hands for a handshake and he got ignored. 

The security guys were very close but they were a bit scared to touch or speak to Jimmy. An order from Timmy would make the whole work easy. 

"You shouldn't be here Father." Timmy said. He watched his father come up with a file. "I am now part of the board. Before Felix died, he did a position transfer to me." 

"Impossible!" Some one yelled from the board. 

"Would you check this out." Jimmy said and he waited patiently for the Secretary to come get the document he had in hand. 

The Secretary collected the file and he flipped it open. He checked the documents in it under a more concentrated light and his voice struck every one in the head as he yelled. 

"This document is authentic. It shows Felix handing over his position as a board member to Jimmy two days before he died.

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