Texter Eps33

Timmy checked his wrist watch as he approached the fenceless bungalow.  He already had his wrist watch and his suit changed so he looked more of a regular street boy.  The cab driver was a mile away waiting patiently in the dim light street. The street lights looked weak and it could barely make anyone else see his foot without rising them up to their face. ALIMB was a part of the slum in Lagos known for gambling.  All they did around there was strictly gambling with every house changed to a gambling spot. The police had been bursting them thousand of times and suddenly grew tired. 

Timmy walked passed some guys molding up weeds, sealing them up in special white paper.  They didn't stop him and soon he was the open door. The guy who stood in front t kf the close door,  glared at him expecting Timmy was going to say something.  Maybe a key wordor a slang but what he got instead was a bunch of cash.  Timmy had already reached out for his back pocket and he was already out with two thick bunch of cash.  -Teo hundred thousand Naira- The guy at the door guessed quickly from his scan. He was left with just two ideas,  ignore Timmy let him as a new gamer.  But the only issue was a guarantor for peace keeping.  But he was ready to be Timmy's guarantor for some extra cash. 

"I can't let you in. You have no code. " 

The guy said. 

"I could be a new gambler. " Timmy replied.  He stepped out of the road as another guy moved closer to them.  He must have been a regular gambler.  The gesture they exchanged said it all.  

"You would need a guarantor." The guy replied with a frown as he shut the door close behind the man who had just entered.  

"How much will it cost. "

"Five thousand. " The guy replied.  

Timmy moved his hands against the bunch of cash five times and he pulled it out. He handed it over to the guy and he watched him count it. 

The guy sniffed.  "OK. " The guy began.  "Here is the code. If I ask you Welcome You tell me goodjob.  If I dont talk first You tell me You must be very very busy. Then I will open up.  Make sure the very comes twice like very very. " 

Timmy nodded in understanding and he watched the guy push open the door for him.  He stepped in and it was like a walk away into eternity.

The light was blinding so he took his eyes off the roof. He looked around with ladies all over. The room was rugged and it had many tables. He could see young guys shuffling cards and soon he found the largest table. 

He moved over and he watched the play. No body was holding nobody for watching. A young guy with connected beards tapped him. "Will you play." He guy asked.

"Yeah!" He nodded.

"Board man!" The guy called and he pointed at Timmy.

"New entry." The guy said. 

"How much?" Timmy asked. He watched the board man raise up ten fingers so he understood the bills. He dropped ten thousand naira. He was give a place to sit for the game and he thought of the next way he was going to cause trouble. 

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