Texter Eps 28

It was hell on Sea side with so much people resigning off sea side work force. They could sense things were going to crumble. 

Timmy cleared this up midday when he drafted a note to one of the editors at guardians news paper. He wanted a bash of work force and he was ready to double the pay of every of his worker. 

He felt there was a hole in his system and before the sun was almost out of the over head position. He got a new details. All his workers were been employed by a Mule hole, owned by a rich merchant, gang star and ghost. Fact showed up after much face smashing and plot blotting. It was Jimmy pulling every string to frustrate His son. 

Timmy wasn't just going to let things float. He was going to fight back. 

The cash just dropped from Iran and it made the doubled pay easy. The halls and functional centers in sea side needed some tweaking. He sighed the first bill for painters to get employed. He wanted More gardeners to keep his garden clean and he found himself employing a truck full of new staffs. 

Another board meeting had already been scheduled and he knew he was playing the right cards. They were going to pay off those who invested a lot in the success of the project. That was for the board to source. 

It didn't take a bag full of thought before it dawned on Timmy that Seaside was more than what he had imagined. He wasn't just going to give up heaven, he preferred to thread hell to retain sea side, his newly found heaven. At least his Ideas kept the wheels at sea side, rolling after his father had tweaked a foster death, announcing to the world his uttermost weakness. 

It got Timmy thinking and wondering. Those who made Jimmy go hole hiding, must still be alive, but a bit weaker than who could now reimprison the lion. 

Timmy wished he knew a few of them, he would have asked what they had done to keep his father away. 

A mail dropped some few minutes to four, and its subject was the one that would make anyone skip a meal to sit back behind a monitor. 

So quick with the mouse, Timmy switched and flipped and soon he was reading down the mail. 

"What I found out" That was the subject and it was from Mike. 

The mail was long, making the young man feel he had to be calm not to miss any detail.  

His phone rang up as he tried printing out the mail. He picked it up and his smile vanished as the voice cut up his lungs, drafting away the last of breath, he had. 

"We have some investigator waiting to see you sir." The voice said. 

He dropped the  receiver and he checked the printer. The mail was out. He folded it into a small perfect square and he took it down his suit's breast pocket. 

He adjusted his suit, making sure his white sleeves was well laid, underneath. 

He looked across his desk, west wing and he was sure nothing suspicious was left. He knew why the investigators were around. Felix's death! 

He walked out of his office into a larger office with more people. They had long connected desk running from one end of the wall to another. They had little space where people could walk out and the space left off in the center of the office was good enough to house an accountable amount of people. He raised a finger at the fair lady behind the ash colour HP Desktop. She was the only one on braid, the rest had wigs on. She nodded firmly and he flashed a smile as he walked out of the office exit to make it for the elevator to take him down the office floor, into one of the confidential waiting room for office use. The nod was a sign that everyone in Seaside scam room were aware that the Dogs were around.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya