Texter Eps 27

It was unlike every other day. A soft Tuesday evening. The lightning around the horizon was appealing from the peak of sea side. 

Timmy pulled the curtain halfway and he smiled, concealing the bird's chirp deep down his ear. He loved those moment as a kid. He had shared it all, learning all about life. His mum had never been with him. She had never been this close. He doesn't even know who she was. He asked countless time from within. A bit too scared to break the margin and ask his father the simple question.

A crackling sound in the room brought him back from the land beyond. It was Mike staring from where he sat. 

Timmy whilred around and he smiled. He moved across the room till he got close to his chair, then he sank into it. 

He tried to suppress his smile and he coughed. 

Mike was looking terrible, his right hand hanging down his neck. He was looking a bit better than he was when Timmy last visited him in the clinic. 

"I thought you were to show me somethings."

"Yeah!" Timmy flushed as he pulled open the drawer attached to his reading desk. 

"How is your hands." He asked again, looking up. His hands was making ways for the file to come out. 

Finally he had it up. A blue dusty file. It looked ancient.

He dropped the file on the table and he smiled, seeing it would be stressful for Mike to pick up. 

"My father is alive." Timmy said as he held up the file himself. He watched the depressed look on Mike's face and he fired on. 

"He would be around for me. Lurking into my spot. He wants this again." He pointed to the floor as he was saying. "He would want to be the helmet." He said with a kin determination. 

"What do you want done?" Mike asked, as he adjusted himself on the seat. 

Timmy smiled and he moved towards the table he picked up the file again and he withdrew one sheet off it.

 He moved closer to Mike and he placed it in front of him. He pointed to the last name on the list and he asked. 

"Why is My Grand father's name on this death list." 

The hush was thick and he watched Mike observe the note. 

"I would have to look into this." 

"How long will this take you." 

Mike started at the sheet again. 

"Hmmm! 24 hours. I have a broken arm, remember." He raised his hands. 

Timmy chuckled. "I didn't forget that."  

He picked up the sheet and he searched for a file. 

"Do you need one." He said, finding a brown file. 

"I can just fold this down my pocket. What do you think?" 

"I will just fold it up for you." Timmy said then he folded the sheet, and he pointed it at Mike. 


A lion in a slum could be dangerous. That was what Jimmy was. He was already creating a niche for himself and he was ready to eat up any finger that came for him. 

A had a new record of deadly scam. Having the whole police department on alert that a Lion had arose. His next step was to wake the sleeping beast, chew up his cud and live his life with his. 

He was going to bring someone long gone to the scene. 

Jimmy coughed as he stepped into a dark room then he went for the switch. He sighted a man tied to the chair facing a wall far off and he walked towards him. He got very close and he laid his hands on the chair. 

"Welcome back Felix. The world thinks you are dead. I am here to bring you back." He spurn the chair around powerfully and he smiled at sacred Felix, having his mouth held back by a tap.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya