Texter Eps26 

Timmy bounced out of his room with a perplexed look. He adjusted his wrist watch and he maneuvered his head out of the red designer shirt he had in hand. 

His guards had already spotted his movement. They joined him on the motion and five of them followed him into the elevator. 

They weren't going to ask him where he was going. They knew his rules too  well to go against it. 

His eyes were red, looking like he had gone through a lot of sleep. It was a crime to ask him stupid questions when he was just fresh out of sleep.

They allowed him glow before one of them took the confidence to ask which of the floors they were going. 

It was Timmy screaming on the other end like he had given them the instruction and they had missed. 

"Last floor!" It came like a fire ball, harsh and kicking.

"OK sir!" The thick short guy in front stepped forward and he thumbed a button on the elevator's wall.

The elevator began its jerky accent and when they were close to the last floor Timmy looked back and he smiled.

"What's happening at the garden. Let me have the stat."

"Just 138 people." A black guy replied as he adjusted the tag on his shirt and he sighed. He awaited his boss grin and when nothing came up, he guessed he spoke well.

"Contact the guys on ground and tell them I am coming in." 

"OK." The short guy replied as he faced the walkie talkie hanging down his shoulder. 


Anita touched each flower as she moved. She caught a petal gently and stared at it. It was beautiful. One day without her mum staying around to tell her what to do and what not, to tell her what not to touch and what not, was a liberty in paradise. 

She was still with the flowers when Timmy appeared from afar. She had seen him before. She bit her lips as she forced all her confidence to keep her kneels away from sagging. She  searched for his eyes and the slightest connection she could make, swept her emotions off the ground. The likeness popped out almost immediately, and she wished she had never met him. 

Timmy moved closer with men on both sides and he never asked anyone to be thrown out of the garden. This side of him she was seeing was different from the rude arrogant boy she met at the entrance exam. 

She now began to doubt his age. The way he addressed those that came with him. He was authoritative, and he looked extra smart. His stature make him look older than his age. 

He stopped close to her and one of the men that came with him gave him a phone and he picked it up.

Anita was on the side expecting that direct contact. She wanted to know if he still recognised her. 

He looked at her and he saw her hands raised. He waved her and he turned around, facing one of the garden's exit. 

-That look. He knows me. That smile. He likes me- Anita began to think. She narrowed her way down her thought line and soon she was been nabbed out by a coarse voice. 

"Get out of the way, you!"

She looked back and she came face to face with the annoying  Gardner who always acted like he loosed his senses during the first world war. 

She stepped out his way with a smile and she faced her flowers again. A minute hadn't pass when Timmy's face came back hitting every corner of her head.

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