Texter Eps70

With Mike working underground for Timmy all week long in his apartment without a single exposure to the light outside the house, things got pretty good. 

Anita was always away at the office to help Timmy with files and she would be back before two o'clock to cook, just as Timmy had ordered her. He had promised her it would be over in two weeks. 

He had waited for the prompt to kill Jimmy and it came on an that afternoon. It was coded in a mail after Mike had reportedly given Timmy about the tracking of his bookings. 

No one knew the plan in full except the head who had planned it. 

Late in the evening Timmy made an Ebooking for an hostel down town with his real ID and that meant he was getting himself prepared for the evening kill. 

He stayed after an hour and he extended his arrival to his room till it was an hour time. 

Timmy reached his apartment thirty minutes later and he met Mike working with his laptop right in the living room. 

"How is the fixing?" Timmy asked. He adjusted his tie then he pulled it off. 

"Fine! they are checking your logs constantly."

"Even when I asked you to change my arrival time."

"Yeah!" Mike looked up. "they did check. I am just working on making the green light go on."

"OK." Timmy replied. He took the couch right beside Mike and he looked above Mike's shoulder to spy on what he was working on. 


Two men climbed down a long bus, and they pulled out a short driller. They both had gloves on and they were on nose mask. 

Two security men approached them and they dropped their tags. They were checked after it was noticed that face matched their cards. Then they were allowed into the hotel. 

They moved through the reception into the technicians pathway. They stepped into a large hallway. 

One of the men checked for the camera and he backed it. He withdrew out  of his pocket a gun and he checked it. He returned it into his pocket and he backed the camera for the second guy with him to check his.  

One of the men was long beard and as soon as the elevator dinged, they climbed out in. They took a turn to the left and they approached the J rooms. 

Their target was room J5. They knocked and a man in a pyjamas came out. 

"Any issue?" He asked.

The beard guy raised up a tag, and before the man could check the other guy was talking. 

"You complained about a broken tap. We came to check up."

"No I didn't call on..." The beard guy struck him in the neck and the man fell, but caught in the arms on the other guy. They carried him in, and they laid him on the cold ties; then brought out their guns. They laid it on the bed and they pulled a zip down their large overall. They brought out a larger drilling machine and they looked out for the roof. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya