Texter Eps67

The prompt came in, a minute later and Timmy had to stop the conversation with the old man. 

"I would be back. Just be at alert." 

the old man nodded, looking back as he watched the young boy climb out. 

Timmy made it for the store and he slowed down getting to the door. He frowned at the 'pull to open' sign, and with no choice he pulled the steel handle attached to the glass door, and once again; the cold air blasted against his face. 

He walked to the store from end to end as he took turns around the shelves that hosted stocks. His eyes went for the drinks and soon it was was on the fruits. The big water melon and the banana they all wanted him to stop by and say hi. 

He walked around as he watched other customers pick up items into carts and push across the tiled path.

His eyes was on the counter and on the stand that hosted the exact flowers that were being delivered to Shade. 

He watched a lady move over the long shelf with a vase. She picked up flowers and she brought it close to her nose. Timmy watched with so much interest. He watched the security camera that monitored the store from time to time and soon he watched her use the counter. She paid for the flowers, had it wrapped up and she kept it in her bag then she moved out. 

Timmy followed up and soon he was in the street.  He watched her back view and after a while she stopped. She looked back to see if anyone was following. She already miss Timmy who was going down for the cab who had brought him. 

She whirled around and she used a blue Nissan Maxima. She climbed in and soon she was away. 

"How close can you follow without being noticed?" Timmy asked. 

The old man nodded as he started the car's engine and he followed the lady's car. 


The old man pulled up the car close to the scam house and Timmy came down. He waved the man and he watched as he moved away towards the main gate. Then he brought out his phone and he forwarded a call to Mike. 

"I got their hide out." He said hurriedly. he pulled off his hood and he slid his hands down his pocket.

"A private cab... He is fine! I paid him off... I don't think he would spill." Timmy ended the call in satisfaction and he went up to the peak. His laptop awaited him in there. He went online and he message a loader. 


'Bro' The reply came almost immediately. 

'Help me check up this account'

'OK bro, type on'

'Adefemi Olawale'

There was a minute delay before the next response came landing. 

' Nigerian account? good! Bank name'

'I don't have that.'

'Give me twenty minutes or less. I will beep you.' 

'OK!  thanks.' 

Timmy stopped chatting as he put down his phone. He needed to lay out his plans as things were beginning to get more complicated. He needed to be where his father would be taken down and also monitor the house he followed the flower girl that evening if he was going to see Mary and Felix together. 

He thought about bringing Mike in it but he was scared of endangering the young man. He also wasn't ready to risk his life. He knew how dangerous it was going to be. The girl in his apartment sounded like a perfect idea. He thought about tricking her into being a bait and he was unable to get over it.

©Godwin Okhuoya