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No one could hand pick a this or that about the whole struggle. The whole point was nothing no one could figure. It was close to being a pool of confusion, one which any man would get nothing about. 

Do they want power from Seaside?  Do they want to show their superiority? 

Do they hate seaside so much that they want every of her head dead? 

No one knows who the 'they' is. No one knows who's pulling the string. 

A moment it would be a bind on the left and someone gets missing on the right. 

At times it would be the rain being too inclined forcing it reach to extend where it shouldn't have reached on the norms. 

Some could have being prevent and some could have been long done before no one would figure out. 

The new girl meant a lot to Timmy and he had been keeping an eye on her while he flashed no sign of interest, treat her like she was just a worker and make her see as self as no better. 

She was good with the figures, it must have been a gift and at home cooking,  she was just a blessing. It gave Timmy the assurance that things were save after he had cut off all the public service that was to the offered to his house as a public apartment been occupied at the moment by an helmet. 

Mike had came in the following morning after Mary was kidnapped and he had introduced Anita. 

A young girl, looking like one who still needs to go back to the womb and grow up some more. You can't class her to be a woman yet, with her breast still looking small,  not so small; but at least if that had grown a bit large who might want to reconsider calling her 14. She had a small structure, small hips and a flat butt. Only her face and the positioning of her feet and hands could make one differentiate between her front and back. Her milk color shoe was a perfect blend to the milk scarf she had that left a nut close to her neck. Her dark fitted skirt was moderate enough to give her the job if it were to be fixed up after a moderate interview. But Timmy wasn't looking all that. He stared at her and he saw no atom of resemblance and he liked her expressionless look, then he spoke up. 

"She would be more than just one who works here, in this office. She would work back home, help with foods and I would give her a place to sleep. She is free to leave when ever she wants. She won't be able to see friends she keeps like she had being seeing in her normal life..." "She doesn't keep friends." Mike had said. " And I believe she is good with all the rules as long as her mother's surgery bills would be paid off." 

Timmy had nodded and that was a deal. 

Just twelve days after the appointment of Anita, Martin was forced to pull a non restricted call through and taking the wild way he told Timmy he would be right at his place to discuss private matters. 

The old man drove straight at the Avil minutes later, knowing it was the only place he could find the young man during working hours. 

"Mr Martin." Mike said, stepping out to meet Martin as he walked pass the glass door at the reception.

They both smile, nodded involuntarily and moved across the reception into one of the large elevator west wing. 

"He had been waiting since you called." Mike said politely.

"Yeah!  I expected that. Things would be fine." 

"hmmm hmm." Mike signed, reaching his lips. 

The elevator ding after the whole catching up with pleasantries burnt out time and they knew the work was to go silent with workers around. They surely had a lot to discuss. Since the fire that took the document room in the Avil, three years ago; Mike and Martin had really not had enough time to them self to seat, discuss and even get drunk with excessive gist. 

They paced the lobby with offices walled by transparent glass on the right and left, and soon they were walking pass the office made out of bricks and stone. They took a turn to the left and soon they reached a door that had the tag restricted. 

Mike slid out of a card with a logo and a chip directly opposite. He swiped the card through a metallic device and a 'pim' sound evolved. 

Martin moved in and he heard the door bang close behind him. 

His eyes went around the room, and it bounced off the paintings occupying every available space on the wall and the large wall clock made of gold. 

"I thought I could have a better grandfather, but here I am...  wrong." Timmy said standing from where Martin would never had noticed. He had seated close to the door and the old man had just walked blindly into the room,  thinking his grandson would be face off. 

Martin smiled. "I have missed you my boy." He moved closer and he hugged the boy, and after a while they let go of each other. 

"Good to see you and I guess we get over the talk as soon as possible."

"Yeah!" Martin admitted, then he followed Timmy as the boy moved across the spacious room to a shelf staked with books. 

"Every cash would love books everywhere." Martin said satisfactorily. 

"Yes! and anyone who doesn't, would be considered a bastard or an outcast." Timmy replied. He took a book forceful off the shelf and the rest fell into each other for support.

"Can I get the second part of this." Timmy said, pointing to an hard cover book with the title "How to rob a mental bank of information." 

Martin flashed a smile as he picked up the book. He checked it through then he returned it. 

"Old book! I guess you didn't buy it?"

"Nooo! His old stuffs!" 

"I only guessed!  happy now that our plans pulled through we could act like we are families."

"Yeah! with him still playing smart and taking a person off. And Felix... You know we don't have him yet."

Martin nodded in agreement and he looked away. 

"You can't get the second part of this book in the market. It's wanted in the street like cocaine. and the last of it were burnt in a street in China some years back. But I would help you..."

Timmy was liking that, he needed the book desperately though it wasn't showing on his face. "And you want nothing in return?" Timmy asked. 

"Trust the Cash Family" Martin adjusted his blazer as he found particles of dust he could frown at. "we would always want something in return!"

"What do you want?" Timmy asked briskly, watching the look the old man had buried on his long face. 

"Help me find! Mary..." Martin let out. The hush in the room came like a whirling wind and Timmy chuckled all through. He grazed his hair out of curiosity and he rested his palm on his lips. He drew it off his lips after seconds and spoke. 

"You know... I am busy trying to kill my father."

"What if I told you your father has no hand in this."

Timmy chuckled. "Convenient hmm! and who is the Mary woman. I don't know her!!! Yes she cared so much about me when I was little and now should I die for her?"

"She would die for you instead. Why are you so cruel will you let your mother off like that!"

"Don't even talk about my mother like that! you never loved her and you never made me know her." Timmy ranted, with his fingers pointed. 

"Mary is the third eyes you wanted a long time ago." Martin said, sliding out his suit an envelope. He stepped back ward in search of a table and when he found one he dropped the envelope on it. 

"When you came to life almost 19 years ago. I thought it was a lie! since she was acting a loyal worker and not your mother. Until I stumbled upon all this pictures and proves. Your father might not have wanted this to happen but it did Happen. He slept with her. Then he thought loving her would be insane... He abandoned her as a wife and accepted her as a worker... He wanted her a better worker than a wife... yes! He took the child and he paid someone else to act your mother. But this woman had always had your back. Why on earth do you think she cares so much when things weren't going well and the demon you call a father showed up to make your life miserable. She never slept. You stayed as an helmet for years and she never left! She was always her in this damn place watching your back." Martin stopped talking, feeling he had talked things out; way too much. 

He reached the door and he pulled on the handle, then he was out. 

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