Texter Eps56

Martin made use of the exit to his study and went into the hallway.  He had heard a strange movement in a room he had expected to be locked. His mistress had gone to bed early and that made him wonder who the intruder was. His mind was far from guess as a ray off his torch led his way. The hallway was dark and the smell of burnt jollof rice made him know he had just passed the room his wife had forcefully converted to a kitchen. 

He went a bit further with his heart in his mouth and soon he noticed the stranger was in his bathroom.

The tap was on and he could hear water rushing against the zinc with sound off splashes soiling his ear. 

He muttered the last of his strength as he pushed a switch on the torch making the room return to a dark state. He hid close to the bathroom wall with the torch raised. He was ready to hit anyone who came out, but his heart melted into a cup of disappointment as he sighted an old chubby lady drying her hands with an old towel hanging down the bathroom door. Everywhere was dark and he wondered how she had found her ways around. 

He could hear his heart beat and he was scared of what he was about to do. He later gave up and he remained in the dark till he heard her return to her room. Her door yanking close gave him a full assurance he was save to move on. Then he went across the hallway back to his study. He had told terrible lies to back up why Mary was staying with him and why they were both always in his study. But one thing that made his mistress calm was when he made it known that Mary was his nephew. That was a lie only Martin's mistress don't know. Though it was a huge lie he had never planned to cover. He got back into the study moving the door apart noiselessly and sliding in like a ghost. Mary was also asleep. He watched her sleep like a baby and a constant rise and fall of her chest made him go in thought. He had once watched his son slept like that. His eyes went above and he gazed at the ticking clock in fury. It was just 5 minutes past 11. He moved close to Mary and he delivered a gentle slap on her shoulder then he watched her struggle to check if she had spit running down her cheek with her tongue. 

Martin had already reached his table and he was busy with a long draft that had numbers and scanty figures. 

"What have you noticed?"

Mary asked.

"Nothing! Just trying to figure out how all this funds went out of sea side without Jimmy's knowledge."

"He might have been too busy." 

"Hmm! You think so." Martin sighed, tracing the paper with a black pen. 

"At times I wonder who you are"

Mary looked up startled, wondering where the words were coming from. 

"What made you come back when you had your first baby?" Martin asked with his long face, puckering into a frown. 

"I don't know. I can't saaaaay.. " She stammered. 

"I know it wasn't love."

"But it could not have been lust. The baby was a mistake. He is no more."

"We both know he is! and whatsoever trick you think you can play on yourself to prevent the fact that your first boy broke your life into why you can't take away Jimmy out of your head, Just keep with it."

"I loved Jimmy! And you know. Infact I still do love him."

"And you love the baby too."

"He is gone... " Mary blotted. 

"I am just a good father. You are just 36. You have a long way to go. He is just 47 and he doesn't think of you no more."

"No No" Mary shook her head. "The last time I looked into his eyes, I saw that Love.  I saw that compassion. I saw that fire."

"The same fire you tried to rekindle?"

"No... Martin!  I know you hated the fact that I had that child. I know it. I know the fact that you never wanted me to have anything to do with your son when he was young. At least I had the baby before we met. But Martin. I can't force myself on him. He loves me."

"Well... " Martin started slowly. "We would help to kill him soon so my grandson can be saved."

"And I am only helping because I placed him on this part in the first place....But, he can still change."

"Woman!  don't even let emotions ride you."

"I would have texted him all our plans if I was being driven by emotions but here am I with you." She replied in a rage as She raised a pile of notebooks up and she threw it angrily across the desk. 

"I am sorry! Shouldn't have talked rudely about your late child."

Mary raised up her hands to her face as she wiped off the tears running down her cheek. 

"And I know you had Timmy for him!" Martin said gently.

He watched the surprise in Mary's eyes. 

"Not everyone would be stupid. You went on a leave and he travelled out. He returned with another woman with a boy and you resumed work with him. You guys faked the foster mother's death just for you to be able to handle the baby. You cleared me out from being the helmet and you made me retire back into the school I had been working on all my life. And he ended up collecting his baby snubbing you. But it was hard for the world to believe you had his baby."

"That's not what happened Martin. Whosoever told you that, lied."

"Oh a lie! Which of my point is the lie. Point it out. The fact that you are the helmet's mother or the story I tailed to be the fact."


"I don't know about the story but I know the fact is true." 

Mary stole a glance at the hanging clock in the room. 

"Prove me right by telling me why you are putting all your strength into saving the boy. Look at you. You even want to help kill the only man you have loved because of the boy."

"No Martin!  Stop." She said aloud. "Stop getting into my head."

Martin shook his head,  ready not to wake the whole house then he picked up the note he was studying earlier.

"Just admit! Timmy is your son." Martin began again.

©Godwin Okhuoya