Texter Eps55

Timmy was glad about the ride. He understood the fact that the road had no pothole. It was a long ride and it was all beginning to get strange when the ride down the private road became endless.  You could see the frown on the young boss' face. The way he checked his wrist watch constantly like he was needed somewhere else was irritating. 

Mike never uttered a word all time. His face was hard and his lips was constantly on a twist to the side. 

The site was on the outskirt of the town but they were sure they would soon arrive. Getting instrument was sure for Mike but Timmy wasn't concerned. After Forty minutes and the car wasn't looking like what was going to stop soon, Timmy asked. 

"Is he staying in heaven?"

Mike adjusted his hands on the wheel after a smile. It was his first smile all evening. 

"I know something is bothering you. We would talk when we fix this." Timmy said and he nodded as he looked out the window. 

"So after this. Where next are we going? Moon!" Timmy asked again. 

"After this man.  We would be done till midnight."

Timmy pushed out his lips. "Oh I see." He said. 

The drive did last up to ten more minutes and after the car had stop in front of a long store. The two men jumped out of the car eagerly as they approached the store, exchanging words and instructions. It was what they should have done a while ago. 

The activity around said a lot about the site. It looked like a spot for high tech mechanics. 

Mike picked up his phone and he made a call right beside a broken Benz, and a thin guy with a slacked singlet came running over.  He looked greasy with engine oil all over. His hair looked extremely rough, trapped with foams and other dirt.  

He came forward dusting his hands  then he told them about the boss' excitement to meet them. He took them to a short old man who was right in the center of the store with a Newspaper. He relaxed the paper and it's date came glaring.  He looked like one who studied facts and when the two men  got closer,  he was quick to respond. He had a thin pair of glasses on and he took it off quickly with furrows cutting across his fore head. 

With the way he ordered his men around, one could get how crooked his ascent was. He looked like one who had spent less on education. 

His pidgin was fluent and when he was done asking someone to get him a long bench he waved Timmy and Mike to sit. 

A little robbing of legs and hands began and soon, one of them was forced to speak.  

Mike picked the lead. 

"We came on purchase!"

"I know." The short man gave himself into the conversation. 

" I yam Excel! Feel free to call... me dart" The man struggled with his words. He knew the men weren't Interested in his talk so he made the business switch as soon as possible.  He placed a priced tag of 2 million on the instrument and when he was asked to narrate the source. He linked it to Jimmy and that made every thing perfectly fit. 

A large metallic box was cracked open on a long table and a arm like gadget was carried out. Timmy fixed it to arm, and with beeping sound, evolving he watched it blend with his arm. It was slim and fit. 

He asked about mode of use and he was asked to test a card. He did the shuffle and he was told how to absorb and dispose the card. 

He was also asked to roll on his sleeve and feel himself. No one would have known he had something on even if they had felt him. 

"The cash!" The short man asked as he touched his lips. He went further hitting his teeth with the gold ring he had around his last finger. 

He looked around but now he was aware that they came with no brief case.  

Mike loosen the button of his suit and he had hard currency taped all over his chest and back. Timmy moved closer sliding a blade out of nowhere. He cut down the cash and he had them gathered on the table. 

"What's the current Black market rate?" Timmy asked.