Texter Eps52

The usual Timmy would have crawled up to bed around 12, except the wait was important. 

This time his eyes was wide open. He monitored every of the company's income. When he was bored he went into video games and when he could not take it, he decided to plan the day before hand. It was 2am already. The tech guy was online. 

He messaged him on whatsapp straight up.  

"Don't tell me everything is not fit."

it took a minute before the next reply came in. 

"Just one thing missing. The ducker! I thought the stuff was on Saturday.

Good morning." 

"It's tomorrow. Get everything fixed. No stories!  if you will have to put someone on the first flight down here to bring all I need. Please do. I am paying for the expenses."

"OK sir!  I am on it now." 

Timmy hit his power button once,  feeling disgusted. 

He adjusted his butt on the bed then he crashed into bed, struggling not to sleep. He knew it was going to be fatal if he sleeps. 

Timmy's phone rang up again and he stretched for a pick. It was Mike,  "better be a good news" He thought. 

"You got the number... You don't mean he kept the man in a slum... Fine!" He ended the call and he went back in thought. 

He knew right from time that his father had Felix kidnapped,  he only wanted to confirm it. Now he was certain that Felix was alive and he was kept. 

Now he needed to draft a plan. He needed a perfect plot. He had to draft a mouth watering deal that would catch Jimmy's attention and he had to place the deal in front of the old man. 

He picked up his phone and he began to make some necessary calls  to get some of his tough boys out to extract information.


The street light captured the shadow of a guy with a bag and the movement continued till he walked out of the dark, moving directly through a lawn. He got close to a junction and he stopped near a public bin. He adjust his sleeves and he consulted his wristwatch. He took his eyes off and he adjust the bag's hand on his shoulder. He understood the fact that he needed to move quick before he got robbed, but a cab would have been better. He needed to get to his destination as quick as possible. 

It was clear that he wasn't comfortable but this was his last choice of getting a cab. 

He noticed a quick movement behind him and he whirled around unaware.

"You are smart!" The voice came from the other side and he turned to the right quickly only to see no one. 

The street light went off and before he could take a step away. 

He got knocked into the ground and in a struggle to make it away in the dark night. He got a fist against his jaw. 

He groaned in pain and before he could plead for his life, another punch came for his side. 

"I did... nothing" He manage to say. But the rain of punch kept falling on him. He heard the metallic sound of a knife, hitting the tied lane and before he could scream for help. It was struck on his leg. He tried to scream but the hard palm against his lips kept his expression bared. 

"I will ask you one question and you will answer me then I will spare you."

"What the fuck do you want?." The guy yelled as he felt the freedom around his lips. He felt the knife twist in his leg again and he screamed. But not for too long before the hard palm came against his lips again. 

"Do you know Jimmy cash!" The voice asked, loosing the grip on his lips. 

"Yes I do." The injured guy said amidst pain. 


Timmy returned to his living room with his laptop on. He expected a call to have landed on his phone but none came through. He knew the rules includes not calling a worker on duty. He knew how terrible it was going to look if it failed. The police coming over to his castle, trying to frame him up and he paying a lawyer to clear him. He shook his head thinking the thought would wipe. He thought it the other way again and he had himself relaxed. 

His phone beeped and he picked it up. Job done!  He had expected. 

He received the call and he smiled. 

"Good!" He said after he heard the message. He ended the call and he sank back into the couch. He was ready to sleep now that everything had been set. 


It was 8am on the dot when the repeated knock began on the door. It was like a rapid drop against a conjugated roof. It didn't stop till he heard the loud sound from his sleep and he woke. His eyes was red and his cheek had the signature of a nice sleep with thin lines deposited on his cheek. 

He yawned as he reached for the door. His phone!  He looked back silently and he picked his phone as the knock kept raining on his door. 

He checked his call log. 39 missed call from Samora! 

That was the tech guy who ought to help with getting his tools for the night game. He prayed it was no bad news as he re dialed the line. 

"I am at the front of your apartment!" The voice came and the line dropped. He moved towards his door and he pulled off the look. A tall guy in a red Manchester United Jersey stood behind the door. "How did you locate me?" Timmy asked, surprised. The look on the bald man face said it was trouble. 

"I had to call Mike!" The guy responded. 

"Bad news?" Timmy asked and he nodded in agreement.

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