Texter Eps50 

The evening came quicker than expected with the sun fighting back behind the clouds and the cool breeze dazzling the overtime workers. Workers rushed off route to take bus rolling out of seaside. 

It was going to rain no doubt. 

Timmy wasn't going to waste one more minute.  He closed his laptop and he pulled a cord holding apart his blind. He watched it smash close and he looked around in case something was out of place. He picked up his suit,  hung it around his neck then he took his keys. The new apartment was west wing and it was going to take him ten minutes if he was going to trek. 

A quick lightning came across the sky and his keys fell off his hands he bend hurriedly to pick it up then he noticed he had some files uncopied. 

He was busy with sending the files out of his system when a knock landed on his door.  He stood straight and he shook his head vigorously with his hands shaking. He knew Mike's knock and he couldn't say if anyone else had learnt the knock. 

"Yes!" Timmy yelled angrily. He stomped across the room and he pulled off the lock.  Mike smiled, he was with a cross bag around his neck and a package in his hands. 

"Am I welcome?" Mike asked. Timmy's long face said so. Evening else.  He stood patiently until he sighted Timmy loosen his lips. 

"Come in." Timmy said.  He stepped out of Mike's way and he frowned. The rain was coming heavily against the roof. Timmy could feel it's hard beat against his window. He still looked, confirming he had never left anyone open. 

"This must be important." Timmy said coming around. He stood close to Mike with his eyes on the package. 

"What's that? Someone's head!"

Mike smiled. "No! It's your cake." 

"Nice!" Timmy unsealed the package and he took away. part of the cake, driving it towards his mouth. He chew it carefully and he licked his fingers randomly. 

"Nice! What's else?" He asked again.

Mike unzipped his cross bag and he came out with his laptop. 

He pushed away it's lid as he thumbed it's power button. A whizzing sound came up as gently. Soon the laptop was on and Mike was going through a series of encrypted videos. 

He cracked one and converted to an Avi format. 

"This is it!" Mike said. 

Timmy looked closely with his lips fixed. 

"This is all about Felix! How your father kidnapped him before the aid accident. Now we know He is not dead." Mike narrated as he Timmy watched. Timmy replayed the video over and over again till he felt a bit satisfied. He said nothing after he left the laptop to Mike.  He went to his seat and he backed his office. 

"Where did he keep the old man?" Mike asked. His voice was hard, laced with anger. 

The old man had a family. He already had grandchildren who felt he was dead. His father shouldn't have done this. 

"Get me ready for tomorrow. I would have to meet him again." Timmy said.  He took a dealer breath as he whirled around. He unplugged his flash drive from his laptop and he passed it over to Mike.

"Send me the encrypted video for study and delete the real one."

"That was why I came sir!  I knew you studying in would tell us where next to push this."

"I knew before then. Get me ready for tomorrow."

"Yes sir" Mike replied. He was now shutting down his laptop when Timmy's word came for him again. 

"I also want you to study the video." He said. 

"OK sir." Mike replied. 


Timmy had to walk to his new apartment, drenched in the rain with his water proof brief case. 

He found it hard finding the flat he had paid for earlier that he had to call the counter. He was directed to check his mail for a re log. It dropped faster than he excepted and he walked in to see the whole room standing out to appeal his taste of fashion. The couch and sofa was the first he observed. Everywhere looked clean and all that he saw in the living room gave him a wide thought the other rooms would never be a miss. 

He slumped into the sofa and he rolled off as he struggled to get off his tie. The cold in there was freezing and soon he was shaking like in the Pacific. 

He found the AC quicker than ever and he turned it off before his blood iced out. 

He returned to the sofa still idle as he managed to keep his lips from smashing each other uncontrollably. 

Now the trouble was he finding his new kitchen and starting a heater.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya