Texter Eps35

Mike stood away from the ambulance. He watched two police men load the arrested guys up into their car, and he monitored one of the guys who could have been the boss. He stowed his phone away in his pocket and he advanced towards the ambulance.  Timmy was on the stretcher and he was been giving first aid.  It was quick and he noticed the poor boy had not notice his presence. One of the guys stepped forward and he spoke to Mike.  

"You are their boss?" The muscular guy asked.  The police car was still held down.  It couldn't take all the boys it had some in it.  

"Yeah I am!" Mike replied bodly,  flashing a shinning badge. 

"What is going down here is wrong?"

"Are you new here." The guy asked. 

He got a straight nod from Mike and he knew what that meant.  

"We have to settle you then. 50 bucks for the month." 

"Good!" Mike replied and he smiled.  He told the guy to settle his boys and he made it back to the ambulance.  Now Timmy was up and fine.  

"This is dangerous!" He said as he hit the side of the stretcher with his fist.  

"I know." Timmy replied.  He sighed to the guy attending to him to let him off and it was done when Mike allowed it. 

"How's your hand."

"Fine!" Mike replied as he moved towards the red Toyota corolla sport.  He pulled his door open and he waited for Timmy to climb in. 

"I asked Avril to watch me and why you." 

"When I heard it was you, I had to step in." Mike said.  He looked back and he noticed the police car was leaving already. 

"And this!  Did you frame it?" 

Mike raised one brow, and he sighed.  

"Yeah! It was." He pulled the car to reverse and he pulled out.

" And your boys forgot to tell you." Mike said

"Tell me what?" Thin lines ran across Timmy's head as he asked.  

"The board has a meeting tonight."

"What?" Timmy exclaimed and that was all he said till they reached sea side.  The rest were just reactions and spill of his temper. He didn't think about the driver he had paid to wait outside for him.

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