***********EPISODE 10*****************

 Acheons blood dripped to the ground. At the slightest touch of the blood on the clay ground, the ground shook with so much force and vibrance. They both struggled to stand on their feet. Acheon leaned in and grabbed hold of Kashi's hand. The ground wobbled under their feet like crawling snakes. Here and there swole up and gave way to cracks in the ground. Taking gingered steps, Acheon pulled Kashi and himself close to the stairs. He felt it the space underground may collapse soon. The rumblings of the ground tossed them back to the centre.

  Something seemed to be coming out of the ground. Like golden dusts circling about a round golden ball like an orbit. Everything moving so fast. The gold dusts glowed in bright beautiful golden light that shone on Acheons face. He was awed. He stared lustfully at the gold dust ball emerging from the ground. He could feel bouts of energy oozing from it. It's brilliant radiance had sparked up hope in him. Not all was lost. But was this the key? He asked himself.  Surely not! This had to be what one needed to see first before the key came out. But anyway, it was a great experience, seeing rare gold dusts in such mass was breathtaking. He looked at Kashi. She was lost in the beauty of the fine sand the oozed from the ground. The look on her face combined with the fire in her eyes talked of how enchanted she was. she held onto Acheons hand albeit nervously. She wondered why she was feeling nervous despite the beauty of the sight she was seeing. Acheon squeezed her hand and continued staring.

  The dusts that were lit up like billions of fireflies glowed brillianty as it spun out of the ground. It was like the earth itsef but this one had an orbit. The orbit circled round it at great speed and the glowed far much brighter than the ball itself as if it's rotation powered it's brightness. The ball scattered into little groups and twirled round the space in frenzy. They flew round Acheon and Kashi and they gaped. Kashi was all smiles. If only she knew what she's see next after the whole show. The tiny balls clotted together to form a whole mass of gold dust again that was shaped like a bolt. It glowed so bright that Acheon had to block his sensitive eyes from it. Like an explosion, the gold dust scattered into tiny balls that flew straight at Acheon. The dusts plunged into his heart. He felt no pain. He watched as the whole gold dusts trapped themselves in him. He felt a surge of energy! Kashi shifted back, Acheons pupil was glowing gold. 

  ''What was that?'' She asked watching him keenly

  ''Well well well, Nice show! Thank you for letting the key out. Now let me have it peacefully'' Someone startled them. Kashi turned around to see Zena with a coldlooking mask over her face. She felt dark energy from her so she shifted close to Acheon, hoping to defend him.

  ''And what's your deal with the key? I could snap your neck now'' Acheon asked. Thundering sounds could be heard miles away. Chaos was happening somewhere and it seemed to be calling Acheon. Sudden voices filled Acheons head, Voices of people calling for help, Screams of children and the sound of bones breaking. He held his head as horrific images formed in his minds eye. Kashi too could see the images. 

  ''Acheon, the pack is under attack. Everyone is dying'' She said.

  Acheon held her and pulled her along in a half sprint. Zena boycotted them.

  ''Not so fast. Atleast, not with the key''

Acheon slapped her accross the face and it sent her slamming her back on the wall. He was already begining to dislike her very presence. She was like a wasp that needed to be killed soon. Kashi gasped at the strenght Achon showed. Zena rebounded fast and came at Acheon with lightening. She hurled it at him, or was it him? No... It was at Kashi. Acheon stepped in the way of the lightening and absorbed the full force into his body. He groaned.

  ''Now we're even'' He grunted at Kashi who was too dumbfounded to say a thing.

  Acheon jumped at Zena with a Punch at her head. Zena docked and threw a Punch at his chest hoping to knock his heart out. Acheon sidestepped and hooked Zena in the neck. He tightened his grip on her neck. Being the flexible person she was, Zena flung her leg from behind into Acheons face. Acheon staggered backwards stunned. He conjured lightening at hurled it at Zena who dodged it with some flips. She hurled lightening at Acheon too, he thwarted them and went at her with fire. He grabbed her face with his fire consumed hand . Zena screamed as the fire found its way into the mask and burnt her hair and face. She transformed her Vampire but Acheon's hand was glued to her face. Acheon let go of her face. She groaned and put her hand over her face. Her hair had burned badly and she could be considered bald. Acheon slapped a kick into the side of her neck. She slumped unto the ground unconcious.

  Acheom walked back to Kashi. She shifted backwards scared to her wits.

  ''Who are you?? Don't come nearer!'' Kashi asked threathingly as if she had a chance at survival fighting with him.

  ''Oh come on, the pack's under attack! I will explain later''. Acheon pulled her to her feet and ran out of the underground  space. He channeled his way to the Circle in maddening speed that kept Kashi trying desperately to keep up.

Written by Stephen Oluwafemi