************EPISODE 5***************

''No! No! No!'' Hera screamed and held her head. 

She felt as though worms were crawling in her brain. Her eyes became bloodshot.  Hades was already working on her. His dark fingers were pointed at her. He grinned.  He saw Acheon looking at the hurt Hera and kashi then Him. He could sense that he was trying to decide what to do. Hades wasn't bothered about Acheon. If Acheon tried anything stupid. He'd  worm his head too. It was that easy for him. Hades took steps towards Hera who was already rolling on the ground in pain. 

  Acheon wanted to help but he knew going against this new man who could cause pain to Hera would be suicide. But still, he had to try to help Hera. He took a step towards the tall dark evil like man. 

  ''Acheon. No....'' He heard a faint dying voice warn him. 

 kashi! Acheon ran to her leaving Hades and Hera. She was still burnt but he could sense that she was healing. Her normally fierce eyes that always sought for action was tender. 

 ''Are you Okay?'' He said trying to find a place to hold her that wouldn't hurt.

  She couldnt answer. She had already fainted. He could hear her heartbeat faintly. He picked her up and dashed into the dark. 


  ''I knew you would come out of hiding sooner or later'' Hades laughed at Hera who was cuddling in pain on the ground. ''You made this simply easy'' He squatted by her.

  Hera's sobs were low. Her body vibrated with tears. She had finally been pulled out by Acheon. The man who she was counting on to help everyone. If only she didn't let her anger bring her out of the cave. she had to give it to Hades. He was so watchful to have noticed she was out of hiding. She thought again, the storm she caused was too obvious and even Zeus would have sensed it. What a way to blow up her cover. 

  ''sorry it had to come to this sister-inlaw. I don't like playing on family's brains.'' He flicked his fingers at her hair. ''So where's the bolt excatly??''

  Hera gave no reply.

  Hades started worming her brain again. This time with more force. Hera screamed louder than a woman in labour.

  ''You have to tell me if you want me to stop hurting you'' Hades dark eyes ran over her face. ''Good girl''. He rubbed his hand on her red cheeks.

  ''I will never let you know. Even if it means death'' Hera said under her breath.

  ''Fine by me!'' Hades stood up. ''Good to see you Hera. Did I mention you look ravishingly beautiful'' With that, he vanished.

  Hera got to her feet steadily. She wondered why Hades had not killed her. There was something in it for Hades. She knew Hades was planning his own revolt. She couldn't think straight. She was still disoriented from the brain worming. She held her head gently. Acheon was back at the same spot he left.

  ''Where's he?'' He asked.

  ''Gone. Back to the underworld'' Was her straight reply.

  ''the underworld? Who are you indeed and who's he. This whole show seems fishy to me''

  Hera sighed. She needed to provide answers now.

  ''Thats Hades, ruler of the underwoRld. My husbands brother. Zeus.'' She sunk her head and walked to the rock her cave was in.

  ''and that makes you??'' Acheon couldn't believe his ears.


  ''A God?''


 Acheon's mind was flooded with questions. No wonder she has powers, she was a god and he had been getting head on with her for years. Such folly.

  ''and why are you here instead of in Olympus'' His jar of questions was open.

  Hera sighed ''Acheon. Get that key in the town before Hades does. I can't. I'm hunted. You have to get it.''

  ''And what key is that?''

  ''The key used to secure the bolt. The bolt is under the town. There's a secret passage from the palace under the king's throne. Don't be fooled by the key's appearance. The enemy coming to get it might use deception to confuse you.''

  ''And what about Kashi?''

  ''Go, I'll take care of her, she's not dead'' Hera looked Acheon in the eyes. ''Acheon. Whatever I say or do, I'm doing it to make the whole world safe from Zeus and Hades. Trust me.''

  ''I don't know. I'm still getting adjusted to this whole thing. Time will tell who to trust'' He scratched his head uneasily. ''so, do I address you as ''your highness' now?'' He looked defeated.

  Hera laughed out loud. ''No! Never! I'm not here to claim positions. I'm just your leader, nothing more''

  ''errrr, okay. Then you shouldnt be acting all high and mighty'' Acheon tried to push his luck.

  ''Acheon. You're wasting time. Whatever is coming is near. You have to go now. Half of my powers are in you.'' He touched his chest ''It's here. I can feel it. Use it''

 ''How? I never even knew it existed!'' Acheon squeezed his face.

  ''Did anyone teach you how to birth fire in your palms just some moments ago? No! Go! You'll be fine''

  Acheon swaggered backwards looking at Hera with a bright smile on his face. He jogged backward and tilted his head backwards to notify that he was going to fufil his quest. Hera smilled back at him. He turned and ran into the woods. The sound of rushing wind  drag ran behing Acheon as he weaved his way through the trees heading towards the town of Linceway.

  Hera sensed something dark channeling its way down to the town. She could sense it's power. whatever it was, it was so strong. She hope Acheon would make good use of his powers now. 

  Kilometres away, in blindening speed, Zena ran into trees that stood in her way and uprooted them! She was coming to Linceway and was coming Hot!

Written by Stephen Oluwafemi