*************EPISODE 4***************

 ''Sire. My lord will be here shortly'' The male servant reported to Zeus who  was smilling too much that it irked the servant. The servant took a bow and walked out of the court. He looked over his shoulder though, he  had never seen Zeus smile so it would be hard knowing if Zeus only smilled when he's about to kill or something. Immediately he took a turn, he sighed.

  Zeus drummed his fingers on his seat as he hummed a sweet note. His smile broadened when he saw Poseidon walk into the courtroom with his wife.


  As usual, Poseidon frowned on seeing  Zeus. He had his water dragon wrapped over his left arm. He stopped to look at Zeus before walking to his throne.

  ''So. To what do I owe the dishonour of your visit Zeus?'' Poseidon asked coldly. He was stroking him sea dragon on the head. His wife looked at him aghast at how rude he was to his elder brother. Poseidon gave her a weak fake smile that informed her well enough to let him be.

  ''Poseidon. Now now. We aren't kids to quarrel for long'' He looked at Poseidons wife trying to get support. ''Don't you?''

  She nodded in agreement as if hypnotized. Poseidon looked at her bewildered. He eyed her to leave before Zeus who was a master seducer tried his luck with her. Immediately, she got up and pulled her flowing gown out of the courtroom.

  ''What in the underworld is wrong with you?!! How could you talk to me that way in front of a woman!?''zeus whispered furiously at Poseidon.

 Poseidon laughed out heartily and then frowned in an instant.

  '' what do you need??''  

  '' we actually need your help''


  ''we want the assistance of some sirens and they will be compensated adequately''

  ''and why would you think my followers should join your pack of blood thirsty vipers?'' Poseidon sccoffed. ''they're only interested in sailors''

  ''but, If we can get them to...'' Zues tried to corner in again

  ''No buts Zeus. my followers won't be joining you. Ever. Are we done here? Have a nice trip back to Olympus''. Poseidon walked out of the courtroom. Zeus flashed to his side and held his shoulder roughly before spinning Poseidon to face him.

  ''I see you've got the power now that my bolt's gone. Why don't you wait for me to get it back and watch me make your life a living hell!'' Poseidon sea dragon hissed at Zeus. Zeus cast a viscious glare at the animal and it suckled up Pseidons hand for solace ''I did try to reason with you'' Zeus threatened and teleported out of the courtroom. Poseidon looked into the golden roof for some seconds and walked away non-chalantly.


Acheon couldn't believe he'd been so oblivious to the fact that the weather had changed. He thought himself to be stupid for not knowing a thunderstom was cooking above him. The lightening volts were just some inches to him and that would be the death of him. His life flashed before him. 

Everything began moving in slow motion. Hera's jaw that was snapping with laughter moved slowly.

Her hair seemed to dance slowly in the air. Even the trees slowed down their waverings and flutterings. He realized he too was slow in movement.

Then everything happened so fast. something threw him away  with so much force. The lightening slammed into the ground. White light shone everywhere. The raw sound of the lightening hittting the ground gave Acheons ears an aweful ache. The ground vibrated with so much force. Then the lightening vanished.

 Acheon saw a dark burnt figure standing still on the spot where the lightening hit. The figures head and outstretched hands were not really burnt since they were'nt in direct contact with the lightening. He scurried to his feet to check it out. He couldn't believe his eyes! He went on his knees shaken to the bones. Hera went berserk at the sight of the person! She hurled fire at Acheon to pacify the frustration she was feeling. Acheon couldnt even notice he was being burnt. He knees seemed to be transfixed on the ground. His tongue was tied. His hands, immobile. His body burnt from the blasts from Hera but it healed up instantly. The figure was still. It's eyes were holding no gaze. It fell straight before Acheon. He held the figures face in tears! He blamed himself for angering Hera. The figure saved his life at the expense of her own life own life.

  ''Why did you!? Why???!!!. Kashi! Why!!???''

 Acheon screamed in frustration. His sobs  aggravated. Just then he felt Hera shoot another fire blast at him. He turned his head towards her direction. His frown was fierce. His pupils were now light green! Hera Drew back. Acheon dropped Kashi's head gently and faced Hera. He transformed into his semi-werewolf form. He was a lot larger now. It shocked Hera also.

  ''If it weren't for you, she wouldn't have died. If you weren't a bad leader! She wouldn't have done what she did!'' Acheon Roared and went after a terrified Hera. 

  Although he couldn't kill a god, he could hurt one and Hera was terrified about going through pain. Just as Acheon was close to her. Black smoke went in between the both of them and slapped Acheon back!

  ''Don't tell me that's how you mourn a pack member!'' Hades said through his sinister smile. He made sure he had eye contact with Acheon. ''Hera, who's this clown?'' Hades pointed to Acheon. ''we need to talk. Now!''

Written by Stephen Oluwafemi