''You had no business going there! That wasn't your post. I crave order! Order!'' 

''Please sire. You need to relax. Miss, please talk to him. I had to leave my post. My family......'' The short man pleaded

''Get out of my sight before I set the hungry bats loose!'' Achiaca threatened. His eyes blaring in anger.

The short man picked himself up instantly and walked briskly out of the tent. He knew talking again might mean death,

''They will never be ready! They're disorderly!'' Achiaca fumed up and down the tent. Zena watched keenly. She knew he wasn't going to cool off without doing something.

Just like she guessed. Achiaca snapped his fingers and the short man walking away slumped. He sighed. 


  ''you didn't have to do that Achiaca. This is the fifth man today! what the hell's wrong with you?''

''please please. Not again. I have zero tolerance for disorderliness. And i don't brood loafers''

''we need to talk about the issue on ground now. The key to the bolt. We need to get it.''

''That can wait!''

''No it can't. Look, I don't know if you get the picture but you know we have very limited time to get that key before the enemies do!'' 

''And I know what to do about that. I'm sending you.'' Achaica teleported out of the tent. ''go get it''

 Zena frowned hard before flashing out of the tent.


He stormed into the familiar cave  with the full force he was running with. He sighed. Atleast, he knew he was safe. He scaled his hands on the cave walls admiring the beautiful murals.

  ''Nice way to barge in Acheon.'' Hera said softly behind him.

  ''you knew about it?'' He asked.

  she smirked at his question.


A chair formed behind Acheon and he helped himself on it.

  ''Kashi's on her way, so we have to make this quick. No one's to know about what I'm going to tell you. And it can't wait'' She said resting her hand on her crossed tanned legs.

 Acheon swallowed saliva at the sight of her legs. The short gold gown she had on stretched to her feet. She eyed Acheon spitefully before snapping her fingers to get his attention.

''uhn uhn. What's that?'' Acheon asked feeling ashamed as he had been caught staring. He hope she couldn't read minds.

''It's about the town. Something dark is coming to get something there and you have to get it before whatever is coming lays as much as a finger on it''

''you didn't tell me you foresee too. Why don't you foresee and know If I'm going to go or not!'' Acheon shot at her. He was looking calm this time.

''you're still a stubborn bull.''

''big deal!''

''You really want to go through this again?'' She studied him to ridicule. 

''Just because you have magic fingers doesnt mean I should bow to you! You're inferior!'' Acheon stood up from his seat.

''Calm down Acheon. It's not helping you. If whatever is coming gets that key before you, it will be disastrous to eveyone especially the town and the people living there.'' Hera warned before taking a sip from the wine in her goblet.

''Oh, so you need my help now don't you? Energy sucker! I'm not helping.'' 

   Hera scoffed amused at Acheons folly. she wondered if he was full of only testerone. If only he could use the powers she gave him effectively.

 ''Fool. Your ego might be your downfall!''

  ''Atleast I'll know I fell through ego. Find another person. If you're so powerful why don't you go?''

  ''you think If I could, I wouldnt? moreover, this is your destiny, it's yours to do'' She stated matter of factly. He turned aside and wanted to leave.

 '' No one walks out on me! Come back here! This will be your death!'' She turned red with rage. This was exactly what her usless husband did to her a lot.

  ''oh poor you! Catch me if you can'' Acheon ridiculed her and flashed out of the cave. He had to stop outside when he saw Hera standing opposite him. Lightening bolts dancing aroind her fingers. She was looking so determined. Accheon shifted backwards sensing the danger. He had never seen anything like this. 

'' you don't treat me low! I'm your leader!!!!!!!'' she hurled lightening at Acheon who dodged it as quickly as it the lightening sparked by him. Hera zoomed closer to him in a blur. He didn't know when a red substance shot from his hands towards Hera who was too surprised. She was hit by the force that she flung away.

Acheon looked at his hand surprised. Fire danced around his palms. Hera was up on her feet again. She hurled lightening at Acheon again. Acheon stepped aside but Hera was having none of the dodgy act. She shifted the bolt to Acheon and it zapped. Acheon screamed and fell aside. Hera was above him now looking as cold as ever. She had fire and lightening in her hands. Acheon stood up quick but hurt internally. He roared and waited for Hera to come within arms lenght. Gathering half of his wolvers super streanght, he dealt her a great punch that sent her flying miles away. 

Hera's face tightened the more. Rage flowed in her blood. Her anger had disturbed the weather. The blue clear sky was now pregnant with clouds. A storm was cooking above Acheon. Volts upon volts tumbled around in the sky above Acheon. It got larger and larger. Acheon wasn't focusing on the weather. Anger had sucked into his heart too. He took a first attacking step aimed at attacking.Hera grinned from ear to ear. Her hair soaked with sweat flowed down her face. Her eyes filled with blindnening rage. Like a maniac, all her feminine muscles stifened as she opened her tightened fist.  The pregnant clouds tore through the sky channelling it's fat wicked fingers of pure lightening down at Acheon.  Hera's maniac laughter consumed his mind.