*********EPISODE 2***************

''I lost him! I lost a man! I lost a man! I'm such an Idiot. He was mine to protect. I lost him to a vampire! How do I tell my men that I lost a man to a single vampire??''

  Kashi blamed herself as she walked to and fro over the circle. she had cried herself to stupour when Acheon was taken. She had searched the whole forest for him but there was no luck. 

Beaten, she decided to get help from the other pack members but her pride just couldn't let her. How would it be told that the anabelle of the pack lost a man to a vampire.

  she knew there was something different about the vampire she met. He was not only stronger  and bigger but he teleports too. The vampires she knew were moderately fast and slightly bigger than werewolves. This one she met was totally mystical.. She couldn't understand where he got the abilities from. Only few creatures teleported, vampires have never been one. She needed help and answers so she changed her mind from going to the pack but to see Areh.

  She vanished into the woods leaving a trail of tender plants bent by the breeze from her sprint.


 The vampire slammed Acheon on the grass land as he teleported into the space. He had morphed back to his human self.

  ''Tell me all I need to know now! Where's the pack located?'' He barked at Acheons body on the ground. There was no response. Acheons body was still. His grip on his neck was so strong it snapped Acheons neck.  

 He was walking menancingly about Acheons body. Holding himself from injuring Acheon further.

''Sissy!'' He roared! ''Answer me!'' He kicked Acheons chest. Acheon's limp body jerked.

Unsure, wondering what was wrong with his hostage, the vampire bent by Acheon to check his pulse. He touched Acheons neck and felt for a pulse. As his hands touched Acheons neck... Like a reflex action, Acheons knife dug deep into his forehead. Acheon sprang to his feet. Watching the hurt disoriented vampire fumble around trying to swallow a scream. He didn't have to wait. He knew what to do. He pulled out his other knife and went at the vampire.

  He still wasn't good at fighting in his werewolf form but BOY! Was he good at fighting in his human form. He slashed at the vampires leg ligament that rendered the right leg limp. He dug the knife into the head again then hooked the neck sideways and raised his own chest up to snap the vampires neck. A battle of strenght ensued. Although weak from the head wounds, the vampire struggled to keep his neck low. Acheon's muscles flexed as he raised the neck higher. Just as he was about to snap the neck, something sliced through his back. Quickly, he slammed the wounded vampire into the new vampire that just hurt him. 

  Everything happening so fast for him to feel pain. The second vampire was relatively smaller and had been bashed away on the rocks closeby. Acheon released the wounded vampire and pulled out a knife from its head as fast as he could. He threw the knife at the second vampire and it met it's mark! Straight into the vampires neck. It rested in peace.

 The first vampire had healed and removed the knife from it's head. He snarled and came at Acheon. Acheon charged at him too. The vampire, surprised at the new boldness in Acheon hessitated for half a second and that was all the time Acheon needed. Acheon ran by him, holding his neck in a choke. He carried the vampire with one hand and rammed him on the rocks. A gasp escaped the vampire. Acheon let his wolf nails shoot out from his fingers and dug them into the vampires belly so deep that it touched the rock beneath. The vampire attempted to try his luck by slashing his nails at Acheons face but Acheon was having none of it. He slammed his fist into the vampires head. The rock under the vampire cracked. WAAM!!!  WAAM!!!  WAAM!!! Acheon repeated the smashing. The vampire held his already human hands at Acheons face in a friutless effort to distract him. Acheon broke the hand backwards condeming the hand and sent a punch straight at the vampires throat. The force of the punch broke the neck bone and everything that goes with it.. He kicked the lifeless vampire away and wiped beads of sweats from his head. His wound was already healing.

  ''Nice moves wolfie. Let's see you fight with the rest'' A coarse voice said behing Acheon. 

  Acheon shot his head in the direction the voice came from. Three huge men stood 15 feet away. Acheon shifted backwards. He knew he had to retreat now. Every fighter knows when it's time to attack,retreat or do nothing. This was the time to retreat.  The men ran forward and jumped at him. They transrofmed into their muscular vampire bodies in mid-air and landed on all fours giving Acheon a hell of a Chase. Acheon turned and morphed into his wolf. He sped towards the rocky valley. He could hear the vampires coming closer. He pressed forward. Then he saw the doom before him.



Acheon tried his best to come to a halt but it was of no use. He was already too close to stop. He had spent time looking behind him at the wolves that he didnt know what was before him. He ran straight into the stone portal he couldn't evade. Portals that people didn't know where they led to. Portals that took people to anywhere it wished.. To any man looking, Acheon may never find his way home. 

  The first vampire halted as soon as he saw Acheon vanish into the mist concentrated between two stone pillars. The second rammed into him from behind, shifting them closer to the portal. The first two screamed as their third companion who was fatter tumbled towards them. BOOOM!!! The third one slammed into them. The three of them tumbled into the portal.

Many seas away, the three vampires met themselves between a group of vampire hunters who sat in a circle around a camp fire. They gulped.

Written by Stephen Oluwafemi