*************EPISODE 1****************

 A year had passed and everything had balanced out. Acheon had settled into the pack not without fighting his way into it. He went through a lot in the hands of the beta males in the pack. Had it not been for the martial skills he had from the town, he'd been dead meat. More was still coming his way. He had seen nothing yet.

   Waking up early was something he hated. He looked at the wooden window that betrayed him by letting the sunlight in throught the little holes. He had to just change it. He pushed his blanket aside and made his way to his bathroom. After cleaning up and doing all things necessary, he went out. The beautiful landscape filled with houses and people like him greeted him. It's been a year away from actual humans and he didn't miss any. Granted, he missed Peruses alot but he could do without him. A part of him told him they would meet again.

   He had resumed his hunting with bows and arrows now. But it made no difference, he wasn't so much of a star with the werewolves. To them, he was just another guy who can morph. He thought of going to visit Kashi whose house was just a mile away. He decided against it. Making his way to a patch of land cleared in a circle. He opened the portal and stepped outside into the other end. He was now in the damp forest closely guarded by the town. There he was, standing at the same circle ground on which he was almost killed a year ago. he sniffed the air for the scent of animals but got only the scents of hares and rabbits. No good.  He took a step outside the circle.


  ''Achie! Morning'' A voice he recognised greeted.

 '' hey. what are you doing here K??'' He walked up to her.

  She was looking gay. Not much had changed about her. She was the one who helped him through the fights toget initiated into the pack. Kashi beamed.

  ''well. I suppose I'm out here for what you're looking for'' She simply said and fell into place beside him. The tender grasses crushed under their boots.

  Acheon could sense something dark around. It wasn't the best feeling. He knew Kashi could sense it too. She has tightened her fist and frowned. He too wasn't feeling too easy. Whatever it was, it wasn't a werewolf. The smell was different from those he knew. the hairs on his neck stood. 


   ''It's best we go back now'' Kashi suggested. She turned and started walking briskly back to the circle.

 Acheon followed pace. He was at her heels. Letting her vanish now would be foolish. He might not be so lucky out here in the woods.

  He thought he saw a man with black eyes standing close to a mahogany tree but at a second look, the man vanished. Goosebumbs ran over his skin.

   ''Kashi! know any creatures that teleports??'' He asked trying to clear the fear from his voice.

   ''No!  Don't think such exist'' She replied. '' I feel the darkness from that thing and to tell you Acheon. I don't think I want to know what it is''


  That was it! Acheon panicked.kashi who used to be so bold is terrified about whatever was in the forest with them. He could feel eyes boring through him everywhere.

  ''Let's sprint then. Our only chance'' Acheon whispered again. Kashi agreed and bolted forward in blurring speed. Acheon followed her keenly burning the rubbers in his boots. He knew the things watching him were following them. The thing has to be really fast to be moving at the same speed as them. 


 Acheon watched as a huge muscular man appeared before Kashi's runnung figure. Before he could say 'nay', Kashi slammed into the man. Kashi tumbled backwards while the man stood standing as if nothing hit him. Acheon halted by Kashi and held her up. She'd fractured her skull and ribs during the impact but they would heal soon.

    Assessing the man. He looked over six feet tall, black eyes with dark face. His face was a scowl. Acheon and the man dragged at the same height. He also looked back at them. Hate registerd on his face.

   ''What are you?'' Acheon asked.

  The man just looked on.

  ''I smell vampire in him. He's a vampire. We need to get out of here now!'' Kashi warned. Acheon froze. This would be his first face off with a vampire. He hadn't learnt how to fight one yet.

   The man morphed into an 8ft large hairy figure with a bat types of head. He was hedious. Acheon and Kashi morphed into their wolves! 

   With a snarl they waited for the vampire to get closer. Kashi's wolf was bigger than Acheon's. She was to watch out for herself and him. Other vampires might be in the woods so she had to open up her senses to feel around her. The vampire charge forward..... He seemed to be sucked into thin air, he vanished and appeared right before Kashi's wolf. Too dazed, Kashi could only try to absorb the pain she would get. Wiiiiim! The vampires nails whipped at her ribs and neck. Succesfully dodging the strike at the neck, she got struck at the ribs. Her wolf howled. She was sent flying onto a tree stump.

  the vampire dashed at Acheon. Abssorbing himself into thin air and coming before Acheon, he hoped to surprise him. Acheon's wolf grinded it's hind legs into the groung awaiting the vampire. Nothing appeared before him. He turned around to see the vampire's raised claws beHind him. He ran forward with the vampire on his heels.just as the vampire claws were about to hit him. Kashi surged forward and slammed into the vampire trying to bite the neck of the vampire. He slapped her off life a feather and dashed towards Acheon. Grabbing Acheons neck, he teleported away.

Written by Stephen Oluwafemi