************EPISODE 9***************

The deemly lit room serves as a good place for Kashi's headache to be reduced. The room was beautifully decorated with mural and symbols that spoke of war. Kashi had put her life on the line for Acheon and luckily, she didn't die. Thoygh her healing came slower than it ought to, she was doing better now after Hera had healed her. It actually drained so much out of Hera. healing up someone as badly hurt as Kashi sucked a lot of energy. She had to stop when she could feel her energy reserve emptying and Kashi had been healed to a meaningful extent. The job was done. She too was currently recuperating.

  Kashi loved the cozy room Hera gave her in the cave to rest in. She had set her mind all day to think of meaningful things that would benefit her. Lately, she Knew she'd been feeling funny about Acheon. He was oblivious to the fact that she was getting to like him a little more than just friends like themselves. Kashi knew she was falling in love. What else could have made her do such a stupid thing as jumping into lightening for a guy? She shook her head at herself for falling in love. She was one of the few people who championed ''love is for weak people''. Howbeit that love decided to stab her in the back. Kashi! A whole Alpha of the beta set. In love! Ha!. She laughed at herself.

  holding her head delicately, she sat up in the bed. If only she could see Acheon now. speaking of which, where was Acheon? She hadn't seen him since the lightening incident. She picked herself up to search for Hera to tell her his whereabouts. She felt a thug in her right hand. The wolf bond every wolf was in was calling her. A member wolf was in trouble and was calling for help. She took a step and a flush of headache took over her head. She tossed the pain aside and bolted out of the door. She looked into the picture forming in her mind, She coould see the location in the town where help was needed. She found herself channeling her was furiously fast towards the Town she had never stepped into. She got to the gate but didn't hessitate for a second. She flashed into the gate so fact that the guards only knew an object passed by and dragged wind along with it. 

  She halted in an hidden corner where she walked out like a normal person. Carefully tracing the building she saw in her mind. She knew It was Acheon, It had to be him. No other wolf could be stupid enough as to get into the Town. She reached the building. She could swear the foul smell was decaying human. She grimaced at the ammount of noise made from the noise coming from the machines in the building. She got her nails ready to reel out and her wolf teeth in her mouth. She knocked.

 It took some minutes before the person in the building opened up. The old man with one eye looked at her haughtily.

  ''Say! What you want here?!!'' He asked through his teeth.

 kashi didn't answer. She saw no need to. She barged into the factory and jerked Old George aside. He was shocked beyound belief. Kashi set off looking for something unseen. She stopped by a cupboard with a smile.

  ''you're in a deadly place girl'' Old George crooned ''Your likes runaway from here''

  ''you not going to listen girl? I see you wan't to be a scapegoat''

 kashi felt his hands turn her around. She was now opposite him. He was looking directly at her eyes with a mesty ile. Hits belt had been undone and the bulge in his trouser betrayed his wicked intentions. He grabbed her hand and tried to fling her on a desk but he was surprised the person he was trying move wasnt even shaking not to talk of move. He yanked her hand more forcefully again but she stood, looking at him like he did nothing. Kashi was smilling hard. If a Random werewolf tried this with her, she would have staggered but humans weren't strong enough, she was at an advantage here. She morphed into her full sized werewolf and gave him a heartbreaking growl. Old George's face went pale. His face went sorry. The bulge in his trouser reduced drastically and he wet his pants. He turned on his heels to the door but it was locked. He had locked it thinking he's get to rape Kashi. He fondled in his pocket for the key but it dropped into the can of metal debris by the door. He slumped and turned to look at his nemesis. But was surprised to find her pulling out Acheons body from the cupboard.

 Acheon was awake now. His red eyes showed he was nursing anger in him. He looked at Old George for some time. kashi took his face in her hands and looked affectionately into his eyes. He smilled and thanked her for coming for him. He took short breaths that told he still had pain deep in his throat. He stood to his feet now. The presence of Kashi had boosted his healing. He staggered to Old George who was glued to the spot he was on with fear. He squatted by him.

''Why do you think Peruses wants a heart?'' He asked.

'' Iiiiii don't knnnnow sirre.. Thee o..oo..only reaseon I'd takeeee a a a werewolfee heart is to coin aa crownd frro fro fro from it'' Old George stammered.

  ''for?'' Acheon pressed on.

  ''To control Werewolfeees''

Kashi laughed behind Acheon. ''don't be ridiculous. That voodoo only works on giants and dark animals that have no bonds with humans''

  ''i've always hear theee ru rumour'' Old George rolled his eyes.

  ''Keep rolling your eyes maybe you'll find a brain back there'' Kashi retorted. Acheon looked at her unbelievably. She stuck out her tongue at him. If she hadn't been a werewolf, He'd have raped her. She thought she needed to break his c*ck. Old George looked down ashamed.

  They could hear some voices outside the factory. Soldiers had surrounded the factory. They tried opening the door but found it was locked. Acheon and Kashi searched about for escape routes then found a liitle opening that served as a window. They crawled out of it into the bright moon light not without chaining old george to a steep pole.


  ''It is time Hades'' Zeus said as he walked into Hades chamber.