**************EPISODE 8**************

''The hell man!!! It's a ghost!! Ghost!!!'' Someone shouted and everyone went berserk. Peruses looked on, still in his seated position. He could only wish it wasn't a ghost. But yet again, the Acheon he knew wasn't a mystical being. Granted, he had some abilities but he wasn't a werewolf and couldnt conjure fire and lightening.  

  Acheon spun round to look Peruses squarely in the eye. There seemed to be a lot of communication going on between them. Acheons eye dialated with delight. Peruses eye glistened with doubt and indecision. 

  A scream from the kings court notified then that Zena was already there. Acheon took some steps close to Peruses. The sounds of tiny bits of concrete were heard under his legs. Unsure whether to turn back or talk to him, Acheon stopped walking and focused more on looking.

  ''Buddy..'' Acheon broke the silence. The words broke from his mouth like sores on skin.

 Peruses face changed. He seemed delighted. His old friend was back. He smiled broadly.

  ''Took you long enough to get back'' He replied.

Acheon ran to him and they held hands in embrace. Acheon was bending on one knee to the level of Peruses. They held hands for some seconds and broke contact to check eachother out.

  ''I see you run things here now'' Acheon smilled deeply and looked around.

  ''Yes!'' Peruses dug the Dagger he concealed under his cloak into acheons open chest. ''And I still do!'' He pulled out the dagger and stabbed Acheons heart again.

  Acheon was gobsmacked. The pain choked his throat that he couldn't bring himself to say a word talkless of breathing. Acheon looked into Peruses eye to find the friend he had in him but it was as if a veil was over Peruses. Peruses grabbed his colar and pulled Acheon closer to whisper into his ears.

  ''Remember One year ago. Over at the forest. You killed my best friend. Now I see you've stolen his face too. I searched all over for you, almost killed you but I lost. Now the table's turned, You came yourself to my turf. Die! So Acheon can rest in peace.'' Peruses whispered. He pulled out the dagger again. A gasp escaped Acheon. He sunk the Dagger deep into Acheon neck. Acheons eye bulged. He couldn't believe what was going on. his blood trailed over the floor and so went his sanity. He gave up the ghost.

Peruses stood up. He watched Acheons limp body on the ground. He smilled, beckoned two soldiers.

''Take this animal to george. Tell him to extract it's heart'' 

''But Sir. Ain't that Sir Acheon?''

''No! Acheon isn't a monster. Just get him to George'' Peruses drew out his sword. ''and Hey. We have a more serious issue at hand. tell the soldier to meet at the kings court in a minute''

Peruses Jogged to the court. The place was silent now. The king wasn't there so he was a bit relieved.


Old George's whistling could be heard outside his busy noisy factory. Everyone always wondered what went on in there that made it so noisy. The smell of the factory was strong enough to serve as an atomic bomb. One would think germs were bred there. George worked on one thing and the other. He was an old soldier with one eye and a crooked leg.. The mean old man that childern never wanted to get close to.

 He fought back then in a great war that happened during the time of his youth and he was one of the few soldiers who witnessed the way his comrades were butchered by the enemies into bits and they were forced to eat their flesh. That was always his story. As a result, he became cold hearted and sinsterly that he saw nothing wrong in cutting up a cute five year old girl.

 His main line of duty was amputating body parts that were no more functioning well. And that seemed to work for him. He didnt need to study the body part or know about it. All you need do was to tell him 

''I  want my feet amputated''

And! Chibawa!!!! a blade from Old George will seperate your feet from you in an instant. The good thing with him was that, he amputated so fast that you wouldnt feel any pain immediately.

He was preparing amputate a bulls broken hind leg when the two soldiers dragged in Acheons body.

  ''who's that?'' Old george asked.

  ''A werewolf commander Peruses killed. He wants it's heart out''

  ''oohh. A werewolf. I have'nt seen an animal like that, look at the formidable size'' He pulled at acheons lips to inspect the incissors '' and the sharp teeth''

  The soldiers looked at eachother amused at the old mans stupidty. 

  ''It's not transformed yet'' A soldier said.

  ''what yo mean?'' Old George scratched his head in confusion.

  ''Old man, just extract its heart. Werewolves triple in size when the transform, they grow long nails and teeth and they are super strong. We're off'' 

  Old George placed his ears on Acheons heart to listen to his heartbeat.

  ''But it's still alive...'' He protested.

  ''Be done with it old man!'' The soldiers exited the factory creeped out.

 Old George didn't like the fact that the soldiers laughed at him. He decided to finish up with the Bulls leg first. He raised the blade and the bull bleated louder. It was as if the higher the blade went, the higher the bulls bleat. Old George had chained the bull severly leaving out only the bad leg. He raised the blade and the bull shouted the more. He got angry and Smacked the bull hard on the nose.

  ''bloody bull!! Shut it! Or I'm pulling out your eye''

 The bull kept mute and could only look as the blade went through its bones.

  Old George pulled Acheons body on the flat large table. He tore the clothe around the heart region and started the cutting process.

 Someone Knocked.

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