***********EPISODE 7***************

''What are you waiting for? Kill him already'' 

  Two arrows dived at Acheon. He sidestepped swiftly and darted at the archers. Coliding with them with so much force that it threw them away. Armed soilders crept nearer. Fear registered on their faces.

 ''You guys are still scared?'' Acheon asked frustrated at how the soldiers he expected to be bold enough to attack werewolves were cowering at his sight. Peruses shot his head up, he recognised the voice but couldnt attatch a face to it.

Acheon noticed the slight change in Peruses face and knew he just gave himself away.

''Who are you??!!'' Peruses bass voice questioned.

Acheon squeezed his face. ''You really wanna know?'' He focused on the soldiers then realised the question wasn't directed to him. There was a dark figure with a mask standing two armslenght from the soldiers. Zena. Acheon knew immediately that this figure was his competitor, immediately,he darted towards the kings court. Something slapped him back.

  ''what the?.....'' He stood up and looked around him to see peruses holding a bag of mountain ash. ''I never knew Peruses was this wicked'' 


Peruses came for him, swords drawn. He slashed at Acheon. Acheon couldnt deal him a blow because it was his old buddy. All he could do was dodge his strikes and find a way to leave. peruses stopped and shifted backwards with a sinister smile on his face.

''and stay right there!'' Peruses turned back to see his men fighting with the dark figure. Tho his view, the dark figure was merely going easy on them.

Acheon looked around him saw that Peruses had drawn a rough circle of mountain ash round him. How was he ever going to get out. No wolf in history had every crossed over mountain ash. He resorted to looking at the dark figure fight.

  Zena dodged all strikes of the soldiers with ease. she didn't seem like she was in danger and did't seem like she was in the mood to wreck havoc. Everything was going smoothly. Until one soldier sliced through the skin on her hand. she stepped backwards. Looked at the particular soldier that cut her. Her wound healed up. Acheon knew she wasn't a werewolf. Werewolves knew eachother. Zena surged forward with lightening dancing in her hands. The soldiers who were afraid stood their ground. Zena vanished right before them and appeared amidst them by the soldier that cut her. Pandemonium set in. Every soldier ran. They had witnessed nothing of this sort before. Zena plastered her hand on the soldiers head and sent volts upon volts into his body. The soldiers body jerked under her. She pulled his head apart from his body effortlessly. Acheon held his neck. 

  ''ohhh ohh ohh no!'' Peruses screamed then threw up.

Zena countinued wrecking havoc on the dead body. She dipped her long nails into the soldiers stomach and tore him apart. Acheon couldn't look. This was his people, his men. This monster was ripping one apart before him. He tried to go through the mountain ash but it slapped him back. He shifted backwards, all his muscles stiffened. He was gathering stenght. He roared as fire consumed his whole body. He ran towards the mountain ash barrier.  Everything exploded. Acheon was thrown against a wall but got back up immediately. He looked at Zena tentatively. 

''Does this justify you now?'' He asked.

''I don't know. You tell me!''

''vampires!'' Acheon spat to show disgust ''Bloody cannibals.''

''werewolves!'' Zena spat ''hunted heroes''.

Fire was all over acheons hand. Lightening on the other. He was so consumed with rage. Today, he'd kill this vampire. His red shinning eyes could be seen in the darkness under the hood he wore. He went towards her. The towns people had already come around to look. peruses had dragged his sick self by a wall to look from a vantage point. Why the werewolf was fighting for them, he didnt know.

 Acheon and Zena colided head first. The magnitude of the force at which they collided heads was enought to destroy a building but they were still standing as though they merely joined heads in greeting. Zena slashed at Acheons neck with her wicked nails. Acheon bent backwards and made a backflip with a kick directed at Zena's outstretched head. It met its mark. Zena stumbled backwards. She twisted her head in preparation for a good fight. She knew this just wanst a normal fighter. This werewolf was a veteran at fighting.

  She went after him this time, giving Acheon no time to breathe. Her claws struck at every vital point of his body. Acheon was barely hanging on. She kicked acheon in his belly and he staggered backwards. Acheon looked up only to find out that she was coming again. She had leapt into the air hoping to land on him. Acheon laid on the ground. He conjured fire round his whole body and twisted his body so fast that his legs went up directly at Zena who was coming down at him. As Zena came close to him mid air, Acheon shot himself at her. His legs colided with her head. He drew out his claws and slashed at her neck but it only tore the skin. He held her neck and channeled volts of lightening into her. Her body jerked. They landed on the ground. Acheon was ontop of her. He stood up, shook himself. He looked at Peruses and shook his head. He heard the towns people make a scared sound. He turned round to look at Zena. Something fast passed by him and pulled his hood from his head. Everyone went silent. They just saw their lost hero.

Written by Stephen Oluwafemi