*************EPISODE 6****************

 ''ha! Linceway. Long time no see''  Acheon gaped at the town as he approached it dressed like a peasant. He had a hood over his head.  It had changed much since he left. The gates were now mightier and thicker. Even a troll would find it hard barging through it, or so he thought. He knew who was behind the upgrade in the gates... Peruses. He was one hell of a talented architect.

  ''Halt!'' A guard in silver armour and helment with a red flag on it said the third person on the line. His job was to stop  people to ask them for their identities and purposes before letting poeople enter.

  After a brief interview, the man was let in. the second person was questioned again. Acheon saw the guard press something into the hands of the man before letting him in. He needed no one to tell him what it was. Silver! He needed to find another way in. The security system in Linceway was a lot tighter than when he was around. He could see fully armed guards everywhere. He was next.

  ''hello Sire. You may take off your hood please'' The courteous soldier demaned respectfully.

  Acheon coughed '' I beg your pardon sire. But this lowly peasant is forbidden to bring up his face to anyone except the high priest Casley to complete my healing process''

 The guard drew his head backwards to scrutinize Acheon again. 

  ''But High priest Casley, bless his soul, is dead. It's been four months now''

  Acheon thought of what else to say. Nothing came to mind. 

  ''is that so? Who leads the alter now good sire?'' 

  ''High priest Casleys son, Roderick''

  ''Oh. Then we better make this snappy, midnight is almost near.'' Acheon tried to hasten the whole thing.

  ''What's your name sire?''

  ''  Thomas belick'' 


  ''err none''

  '' any means of identification?''


  ''none sire''

  ''your palm please''

Acheon stretched his gloved hand at the soldier. The soldier tried to pull the glove off.

  ''No sire. I'm leprose'' Acheon stopped the Soldier.

  ''I can take it. Hand away sire'' The soldier said curtly.

 Acheon watched as the chunk of silver in the soldiers hands rubbed on his bare palm that gave him away in the first place. Smoke oozed out. The guard blew his whistle and drew out his sword! 

 Acheon knew he had to get in through the gate. the new system here had sealed up all secret entrances into Linceway which made him resort to getting in through the gates. Inasmuch as he didnt want to get his townsmen bothered unnecessarily, he blew his cover. Now he'd have the whole soldiers in Linceway on him. Way to go!

  Acheon yanked his hands from under the silver pebble, the burnt palm healed up. He tried to speed run his way into the town but a force slapped him back beside the soldier. sixteen soldiers surrounded him, swords drawn. Archers were over the town wall waiting for his movement to serve as a command to shoot. Acheon looked over to the gate and discovered the gate was laced with mountain ash. 

''peruses! Why would you go to all these extent?'' Acheon asked in his mind. Now he had to find another way in. Trying to dust the mountain ash from his path would mean buying time for the raging soldiers to kill him. His hood was still over his head. A soldier came close to pull the hood off. Acheon held his hands and twisted the thumb. The soldier knelt down in pain. Just then a soldier from behind attacked. Acheon kicked the soldier before him in the chest and sent a flying kick onto the charging soldier. Both soldiers darted into the air and landed a little distance away. More soldiers filled in their gaps. soldiers poured in from every angle.

Behind all the fighting. A lady in dark leather cloth walked into The town unnoticed.

 Acheon sent punches out leisurely at anyone who made the mistake of coming close. An upper-cut, a choke slam, a roundhouse kick. Lips bled and faces tore. But more soldiers came in.  Acheon didn't want to kill his men so he created a space and darted away. The soldier relieved that they had succesfully repelled a werewolf sighed and helped eachother up. They were almost locking the gates up when the guard at the tower saw something coming from the woods. It was so fast, black and huge. It rammed into the town wall and left a large round hole in it. Acheon morphed back into his human and wixed with the crowd. He had sensed when the dark figure passed by. It gave him goose bumps. He needed no one to tell him that it was his competitor. Realising that if he wasted any wore time, He might lose the key to the rival, he decided to break into the town.


  Hades pat his three headed dog as he took a walk in the underworld.

  ''bastard! join me in the fire!'' ''please let me go!'' ''what have I done to deserve this?'' voices cried out for freedom when they saw him. Hades loved hearing their agony. He smilled as he walked past.

  His plans were going right. He needed his two dummies to keep playing the games and he's take over. Being a master of mischief, he was waiting for the time he'd strike although he didn't see the time coming anytime soon. 


''Did you hear? There's a werewolf in town oldman, he could be right here with us. You need to watch your back'' An old woman warned Acheon as he passed by. He grinned to himself. His head still hung low to conceal his head under the hood. Slowly, he weaved his way towards the palace.

  Neatly decorated white and black walls surrounded the massive palace. Acheon sensed something watching him. He knew to always trust his instincts. He walked up to the guard guiding the small palace gate.

  ''What do you want sir?''

  ''I'm here to see his royal highness''

  The guard scoffed at him ''dressed like this?''

  ''that's all I have. I'm thoman cornow. From canadarat.'' 

  ''oh... The spy? Cool outfit, you're quite the character. Come in, let me take you to the king. Lets just finish this quick test.''

 The guard brought out another silver buttton. Acheon cursed Peruses! the guard reached for his hand and dropped the silver button in it. Smoke oozed out again. The alarms went on. Soldiers came around. Their commander approached the soldiers surrounding the criminal.

  ''what's going on here?'' He asked.

  ''Sir, he's a werewolf'' a guard answered.

  ''what are you waiting for? Kill him already''

  Acheon looked up a bit to see the commanders face. Peruses was now the commander of the royal army and guards. He just ordered Acheons death and Acheon was not going to down. Not ever