*************EPISODE 12**************

  Acheon opened a portal and stepped into it with speed. He drew Kashi into it and the portal sucked them into it. They appeared at the circular clearing and Kashi Opened up the passage way into the concealed werewolf abode. Acheon bolted into it supercharged with rage. He stepped into the werewplf land to find dead bodies of vampires and werewolves lying about. The werewolves were split in the most gruesome manner. Acheon was angry! He stiffened his hands. He came too late. Kashi was kneeling down and staring at the destruction. tears streamed from her face and she cursed herself for being absent. Acheon felt some activity going on far away in the werewolf land. Thoses vipers were still active. How did they get in, He didnt know. Who could be so cold to kill souls in this mass in such a cowardly manner.

  He sprinted forward and vanished into thin air. He appeared between two vampires who were ripping a female werewolf into bits. He transformed into his wolf and jumped on the first one, sinking his teeth deep  into the neck and disconnecting the neck from the spine. He summoned lightening at the second vampire and it was reduced into ashes. He looked around him to find a host of mean looking vampires staring at him. They all flexed their muscles and came at him. Some section of this advanced vampires were still devouring helpless werewolves far away. Acheon's rage built. He slammed his fist into the ground and it shook. The vampires jumped at him but a swipe of his hand sent fire at them. He transformed into his human form. He pulled out a sword from a dead body. All vampires shifted backwards as Acheon showed no sigh of fear. Kashi appeared by him panting hard. 

  Acheon's eye turned red with rage . He disliked this vampires. The first vampire came forth and Acheon seperated his head from his neck. more vampires poured in. Acheon swung his sword at each of them with a cry of fury. He saw a little girl who had been ripped apart by the vampires. His rage increased. Lightening tore down at all vampires close to him. He directed lightening at one and went after another with fire. He sent a punch into one and broke this ones neck with a kick. Kashi too was doing her part. She was fighting off every vampire that came close to her. She was doing fine until she sustained a fine cut on her chest. She fought on despite the pain. She sustained more injuries and could barely hang on. Acheon ran towards her and sprinted her far away. He could see Hades and Achiaca monitoring the fight from a  hill close by, behind the mass of vampires. 

  He ran staright at the vampires covering himself with a mixture of lightening bolts and fire, the ground tore under him at the crazzy speed he brought. The air got thicker with tension and his speed increased. The vampires were cleary afraid but stood their ground. Their assignment was done. Only Derek was fighting at the other side, he couldn't hold on longer too. His energy was draining. Acheon's approaching figure scared the wits out of Achiaca. He hadn't imagined anything like this. With Acheon coming with a force like this at him men, he couldnt picture any of him men standing. The lightening and fire surrounding Acheon stretched wider and tossed the dead bodies around away. The ground shook mightily. the lightening and fire enlarged and compressed greatly around Acheon that it completely made Acheon invisible to others. Acheon divided his way inbetween the scared vampires. The might and force with which he hit those in his way sent them flying into eachother. All vampires stumbled on eachother. Then like an atomic bomb, lightening and fire scattered from Acheon with much power that Achiaca and Hades struggled to stay on their feet. The ground ripped apart and rocks scattered around. Vampires bodies flung about as volts of lightening torrents jolted their bodies and fire made barbecue of them. Achiaca winced at the destruction. Kashi covered herself with a dead vampires body from the raging fire and lightening but lightening got to her. Derek did well to hide behind a rock. The rock itself had shattered leaving only a thing part covering Derek. Acheon set a determined look a The two figures standing on the hill. He took angry steps towards them both.

  Achiaca found it hard to believe Hades was smilling despite what he just witnessed. That demon coming at them cleared a whole army of vampires over two hundred in numbers. Hades had something in mind and he knew it. That smile wasn't innocent neither was it a smile that showed he was pleased with what the lightening weilding demon did.

  ''Go on with the next phase. I told you not to underestimate your opponent didn't I? You succeeded in reducing the werewolves to three entities but one werewolf destroyed your army. You had better not fail me this time.'' Hades said eyeing Achaica coldly.

  Achiaca stared at him for a while then broke into a soft smile. Hades could see behind the smile, he knew Achiaca was troubled. He understood Achiaca was using a smile to decieve him. Bloody strategist, hades thought. He would get rid of Ahiaca and Zena soon. Their time with him was expiring. They were a neccesary eveil he had to keep on to till it was time to discard them.

  ''You're supposed to battle with him not me. He has Hera's powers. Are you scared of him so much so that you cant follow our plan?'' Achiaca asked.

  ''Shut up mortal! I will not tolerate anymore nonsense from you! Go one with the next phase and follow it to detail or I'll shove your soul between two burning brimstones in the underworld. Hera awaits me'' Hades smilled again. ''and Oh... Remember, you're bounded by your oath to Zeus to carry out his orders'' With that, Hades vanished,

 Achiaca couldnt help but wonder why Hades had to remind him about the oath he took to serve Zeus. He knew very well that If the oath was broken, he'd die slowly along with Zena. That old fool had to start playing games on him right before  his big opponent came.

  ''Stupid old god! Puny gods! Ha!'' Achiaca spat and wore his mask. Waiting for the arrival of Acheon. Acheon got to the top of the hill and stood opposite Achiaca. Achiaca froze. His eyes couldn't be decieving him.

 Zena teleported into their midst and took a fighting stance at Acheon. Kashi stood by Acheon. Derek appeared by Acheon also. Zena froze too. She stood upright and stared at Acheon. The veil got cleared from her face. The veil Hades put there in the first place. Achaica pulled down his mask to reveal a duplicated face of Acheon. Kashi and Derek gaped. Acheon gasped as he stared his twin brother in the eye. 

  ''Acheon!'' Zena and Achiaca said shaken to the core.

  ''Achaica! Zena!'' Acheon looked at both of them for long. 

 Achiaca's heart missed a beat. This was why Hades was smilling all along. That old weavel had planned it out. How was he to kill his only brother, his twin brother. They were sworn enemies now. One would have to go for the other. It was a lost case. Even if Acheon decides against fighting him, He'd have to fight Acheon to save his neck. Achiaca was enraged at Zeus. He looked at Zena to find an answer to the endless questions in his head but she had none. He thought hard about how to avoid the clash between his long lost brother and Him.

  Acheon couldn't believe his eyes. Before him was his siblings that were reported to have died in a house fire with his grandparents. He had attended their burial and could locate the burial grounds anytime, anyday. How come he was looking at them now? Or was this some game? Did Hades disguise them to look like his dead siblings? It had to be that! Hades had always been known to be cunning, This was a perfect example.

  ''This might be a trap'' Kashi told him telephatically. He nodded in agreement. Hades was a fool to think He'd fall for the trick. The Achiaca and Zena he knew wouldn't hurt a fly talkless of destroying a whole family of werewolves. To him, Hades didnt give room to detailing their characters.

  ''I think so too. My siblings have been long dead But damn! Does he look like me'' Acheon replied. ''Attack, on my mark. Lets take this vipers out of the way'' He communicated to both Derek and Kashi. The air of agreement was between them. 

  ''Now'' Acheon ordered. He spun in circles rapidly that Achiaca was too slow to know what was happening. Acheon twisted and his turn towards Achiaca revealed the purest lightening Achiaca had ever seen. Acheon hurled the Lightening at Achiaca wo was too late to shield himself. The lightening ripped through his shirt into his blood stream. He was sent tumbling down the hill like a ball. Zena who was carried away was  dealt a kick to the head by Derek and Kashi dug her werewolf nails into her tummy. She also was sent rolling down the hill. 

 Achiaca stood up to find Acheon in the air coming down at him. Kashi and Derek went after Zena. Acheon probably thought he was fake. He cursed Hades.  Hades was one back stabbing son of a b'tch. Now he had to fight back and support his sister or else she'll be dead be dead soon. It has now turned into a fight between siblings. Achiaca realised that Hades and Zeus were playing a game with them. For what reason? He'd find out! If only Acheon would stop to think. He positioned himself ready to recieve Acheon closing in on him. His family was topmost.


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 written by Stephen Oluwafemi