**************EPISODE 10*************

  ''It is time Hades'' Zeus said as he walked into Hades chamber. 

  Hades smilled wickedly accross the table. He knew this time was coming. The underworld would be having some new visitors. He covered the little figure he was building with a blanket of shadows and tucked it into a drawer. He turned around to see Zeus.

  ''the Smell of souls. Emotional attack! How sweet.'' Hades formed images of horrific deaths withsmokes from his hand. Zeus looked at him with contempt.

  ''make sure they make it disheartening to look at. I can't wait to lay my hands on Hera. She must suffer for the ordeal she's putting me through.''

  ''Yeah. You miss her body. We know''

  ''To hell with her body! I want every part of those transforming scoundrels ripped into pieces. Not even the sexiest of the wenches should be spared''

  Hades Vanished out of the room. Zeus teleported back to mount Olympus.


''errm errrm'' Hades coughed. The startled couples who were exploring eachother covered themselves up. Achaica dismissed the lady who had wrapped a bed sheet over her body. She went passed by Hades with a cold stare. She fell flat, Hades straightened his finger in his pocket.

  ''I can see you were busy'' Hades raised his right eyebrow to spite Achiaca.

  ''if that's what you call work then I must be busy all day'' Achiaca replied nonchallantly and watched Hades seat on a shadowy seat he just formed.

  ''we will be paying some friends a visit. 1000 men should be enough for us.''

  ''If you're talking about those weanies, a thousand soldiers is too much to take care of them. Three hundred would do.'' Achaica suggested. Hades frowned thinking.

  ''You shouldn't underestimate so soon. You can't tell what may happen. Although I am so sure of victory, going with a list of plan A to Z makes me comfortable''

  ''okay then, 700 men. I really haven't no more than that for this little task''

  ''fine then. Make this massacre as gory as gory can be. That's exactly what Zeus wants.'' Hades formed images of vampires detatching limbs of people and tossing them about. 

  Achiaca gave a soft smile. He eyed the images like they were childs play. ''the mind...'' He pointed to his chest ''Was created to think of far more eveil than that. If that's your definition of gory, you are actually thinking small. I'll see to it that it is done. Be calm''

  Hades looked Achaica over. Obviously he needed to let Achiaca know he was the God of the underwold for nothing. He postponed it for another day, a day he's planned. He smilled to cover up his thoughts. He got to his feet and vanished but just then, Achiaca held on to his hand.

  ''Is Zeus your Superior?'' Achaica asked. It was a stupid question and he knew. He was trying to make Hades mad. Hades swallowed bile. He could do nothing against Achiaca for now that he was still needed. He gave Achiaca a poisonous glare and vanished completely. Achaica nodded his head to a tune forming in his head. He was smilling. Zeus and Hades probably thought he wanted to remain their subjects forever and live as a vampire and fight over meat with werewolves. They were in for a joke. Everyone had the right to dream high. Being highly ambitious, Achiaca would dare to soar high even if it means killing a god one day.


''watch where you put your legs'' Acheon cautioned Kashi as they walked into the palace. bodies of soldiers were lying everywhere. Kashi looked around and found a soldier who had been split in half. She wondered what type of vampire could destroy things as much as this. She turned her face from the eye sore and watched Acheon push the kings throne aside to reveal an underground stairway. How the hell did he know it was there. What was he even doing here in the town? He had a lot to tell her. He beckoned to her to come. He transformed fully into his wolf and crept down the stairs. Kashi followed suit and went in. She Shut the secret stairway as soon as she was in. Everything was dark. She didn't really need light in the dark. Werewolves didn't. Their improved eyesight enabled them to see in the dark and their highly sensitive senses were always alert. She crept behind Acheon as he led the way down the stairs. they reached the leveled ground and kashi saw Acheons wolf size. To her, He had trpipled!

  ''bloody Hell!!!!!'' She gasped. ''What ...how...what? '' her words escaped her. She motioned her hands at his wolf size. Acheon growled at her to keep silent. Zena was lurking around and he could feel it. She wouldnt come out now, not when two large werewolves were around. It'd be suicide. The dark air tasted of electric. Acheon could feel an enormous ammount of volts somewhere in this underground space. The whole atmosphere was charged up. The space was too dry that showed the presense of heat and volts. He knew hitting anyone with lightening would be fatal so he had to take care of himself and Kashi should Zena decide to hurl volts at them. Kashi too could feel the tickling sensations around her. Her hairs stood on edge. She could feel Zenas presense too. They couldn't see her. Vampires were creatures of darkness. They could blend into darkness and walk right before you in the dark and you wouldn't know.

 suddently, they couldn't sense Zena anymore. she probably had teleported herself out or she killed herself. Acheon took it as the first and proceeded to find the bolt.

  ''What are we doing here?'' Kashi asked. 

Acheon gave no reply. He transformed into his human form and so did Kashi. He felt on the walls for a clue as to what to do. The whole place was just mystical. This was a plain space. How in the world was Hera expecting him to find the key to secure the bolt. 

  ''What are we doing here Acheon?'' 

  ''Please. If you can't stand the tension, you can opt out'' Acheon waved at her. He walked to and fro thinking. 

  ''How do you expect me to do that? you have'nt given me a reason to be in this fvcked up place'' Kashi fumed.

 Acheon just went about looking for details. He saw a particular brick with something inscribed on it. He tried to read it but it was too dark. He raised a finger and fire blared from it. Kashi was taken aback.

  ''Acheon, you... You... Conjure fire?... Argh! When did all these start? First you're  being all wierd and now you conjure fire. You have a lot to eplain!'' Kashi demanded.

  Acheon squinted his eyes to read the tiny inscription written in greek.

  ''werewolf blood'' he put his hands down in surrender. ''what does that mean?'' He sighed. He racked his brain for a meaning. What was werewolf blood having to do with the key and the bolt? Obviously Hera had made this some kind of puzzle for whoever wanted to have the bolt to solve. An Idea hit him. It wouldnt hurt if he tried it. He'd heal up in time anyway. He brought out the long nails of one finger and sunk it into his other hand. Kashi was watching from a distance. She hated the way he ignored her. She hated the way he was acting. She feard him to. Maybe he had become a sorcerer hence his ability to conjure fire. She stayed far away and watched him cut himself with his nail. He scooped the blood with his finger and rubbed it on the brick. Nothing happened. She shook her head. She wanted badly to leave but leaving would actually make her look like a coward.

  Acheon was dissapointed. Zena too probably couln't solve it, so she left. He dropped his bleeding hand and turned to Kashi.

  ''Lets go home'' He said. The blood flowed froh his wrist wound to his fingers and then the ground. As the drop of Blood touched the ground, what they saw next shook them to the core.

 written by Stephen Oluwafemi