********** EPISODE 8************

     Acheon awoke to find himself still by the pool. He wished he had died. He raised his head weakly. It was night again. He's slept for over 23hours in the same spot. Nothing concerned him anymore. He tried to get up on his feet but couldn't. His stomach rumbled, he was hungry. He craved meat, raw meat. He was surprised at his new appetite for meat. He hated his life now more than he hated his arch enemy. He slumped his head back down to the pebbles by the pool. 

  ''I'll just wait here till I die!'' He thought stubbornly. But somewhere in his heart, he knew he didn't want to die. He knew he'd have to snap out of this depression of his and find help. Again... He closed his eyes to the cold embrace of sleep. his wolf ears twitched from west to north, from north to south. He was restless. Hundreds of metres a way, he heard a bush twig snap! 

     His wolf senses picked up. His head shot up. His ears pointed forward... Another snap! Something was coming towards his area. He was weak. He wasn't strong enough for any fight or confrontation. He could hear voices, low ones hushing each other to be silent. Humans! He sniffed at the air. He could smell Peruses along with other men from the town. Had they come for him? Had they realised he was the wolf they almost killed? Why were they here? He got on all fours and limped closer to the direction the sounds were coming from. His leg wounds were still blaring wild, eating deep each hour that passed. He could smell their anger and fury. At what?? He didn't know. All he knew was that his people were here and were probably going to get him home. His wolf grinned as he took more limps towards the smell of his old friend.  

     'Wait!' he thought to himself. 'They probably think I'm dead. So what would they be doing here?' He wondered for a while ' probably on a revenge mission... Noo.. I doubt it. The townsmen aren't bold enough to come here to confront werewolves' He decided to just watch them soon as he got close to decide what next he'd do.

     Every step he took, he grinned. Finally, help was near. He could see the men now. Walking tentatively in the bush looking piercingly into the moonlit forest around them. He could see that they were armed like people coming to a face off with Death. He sat and looked. Why was Peruses having a very thick aura of anger around him... And how come he, Acheon could sense it? 

     He wondered. He'd been looking at these men for long and they never noticed. he was so alert even in his sleep that he sensed them. Could it be that the werewolves he'd been hunting had just been plain stupid or didn't want to kill him. The speed of werewolves along with its alertness was a deadly tool to its advantage not to talk of it's teeth. He didn't even feel the urge to kill any of the men right now upon how angry he was at them for not recognising him. There was something more to this and he was determined to find it out as soon as he got rid of this curse. He still hated werewolf body. 

    Before he could notice. An arrow dug into his side. He yelped a dog's cry. The sting was worse than any pain he'd ever felt. he reached for the arrow with his mouth and yanked it out. Red oozed from it. He felt sick. They had spotted him now. Too weak to run, he was going down. They weren't here because they realised he was the werewolf. Too late to know. He turned to run as fast as he could but his weak frame was just too hard to drag along. He got uphill with the men closely at his heel. Peruses was gaining on him. He held his sword menacingly and swung it when he thought he was close enough. Acheon hadn't looked where he was going... Too busy watching out for Peruses' sword, he tripped and toppled downhill shattering some bones in the process. His frame was stopped in the harshest manner by a tree. He gasped. Blood oozing from his wolf head. His mane all brown with mud. He watched in horror as Peruses dived downhill with his sword held up above his head. he knew the time had come to die. He saw death waiting by the grim reaper some foot away, they had a grin on their face. Oh, now he could see in the supernatural too.. Great. It really helped him. 

     Peruses got close enough, launched himself into the air with his sword held up high. Acheon though of the fun times he had with Peruses. How they grew. Troubles they overcame. How be it that it was the same person he took as a brother that was going to end his journey on earth. He closed his eyes slowly, awaiting the lash of the sword. Peruses charge cry filled his ears.

 A second passed, nothing happened. Had his death been so quick that he was transported immediately to the spirit realm without feeling pain? He opened his eyes to see that he was still in the same forest. Peruses was lying on the ground many inches away from him groaning in pain. He saw something white move among the remaining men coming downhill towards him. 

     Something else was after him apart from the men and this one meant business. 


     She couldn't watch without doing anything. No! They were hell bent on killing him and she couldn't let them kill him. She wanted to do the killing herself. She knew all the story, how he got cursed. She was the wolf he shot in the leg. Just as one of the humans leapt into the air to deal him a killing blow, she bolted at the charging man in full speed, in a second, he was knocked out and sprawling on the ground trying to recover from the daze. Others were coming. She needed to be quick. She bolted through the men straight at him.




    ''Will you stop your shout young woman?'' Hades looked at Zena who was screaming with contempt. 

    He was the big snake. He morphed into his real self when he got close to Achiaca, close enough to instill fear into the two victims looking.

     Zena's sobs were like darts to Achaica's heart. The girl he'd promised to take care for was in pain because of him. He too had almost screamed. He didn't know how he held himself from screaming but he knew his heart left his body. 

    Hades snapped his fingers to gain his attention. His black eyes gazed deep into Achiaca's eyes which made Achiaca shiver.

     "This is rude. I know. Judging from the fact that I and my Brother need your help, we know we are doing wrong by treating you this way'' Hades started planting his seed in their hearts. ''I'm Hades. And you're in the underworld. Zeus will be here soon. Do wait for him.''

   Their chains broke. Their bodies came crashing down but an invisible force held them gently. A table appeared before them full of all sort of sumptuous meals. Kingsized chairs were fixed under them.

     ''Eat up. Zeus and your subject-to-be are waiting'' Hades grinned. 

    He winked at them vanished into dust of darkness which settled on the ground and vanished like foam. 



   Peruses struggled to his feet as he watched the white blur that hit him snatch the wolf he almost killed away. It was so damn fast. He knew he saw a blur. He was joined by the men who had stopped for some seconds to think of how vulnerable they were to the white blur of speed. 

    ''This forest is cursed!'' Peruses grunted as he looked about for his sword. ''Cursed to the tiniest leaf!'' He spat blood and wiped his blood stained mouth.

    He was supported all the way to the town's gate. The men, 15 in all, trotted into the town. They were greeted by the king's messenger. Peruses could sense trouble. He had led the men against the order of the king and most of all, he failed. He cursed at the white wolf again. 

    The messenger, balanced on his brown horse like a victorious knight sneered at the men. His nose shot up as if they smelt. His face was a scowl. Peruses made eye contact with him. There was an untold battle between both men. Battle over a woman. The knight frowned, raised his head higher.

    ''The king asks you to see him immediately'' He said the words slowly like a rhyme.

    ''We'll come to him soon.'' Peruses brushed past the horse with his men. They went home to refresh themselves. Peruses prepared for whatever punishment he was going to receive.


AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi