***********EPISODE 7************

    He couldn't take it anymore. The pain was so great. He was desperate now. He wished he could get out of sight. Despite the pain, he kept running. His speed increased, he was running at a very fast pace now. He could manoeuvre around the forest at that high speed. He watched an arrow flying beside him but he outran it. He was far gone now and no more in danger. He was surprised at the new abilities he had. He thought if it was that mad woman who blessed him with that curse. He was super now. He loved it.. Yet his legs hurt. He got to a pool and paused to drink some water and wash his wound. He bent by the pool but when he bent to look at the water.. He saw the reflection of a wolf. ''What rubbish, what's it with I and wolves lately??'' he asked himself.

     He looked into the pool and saw the same wolf looking at him. He closed an eye, it did too. He opened his mouth, it did the same. He was hoping the curse wasn't what he was thinking. He took the moment to look at his hands. Indeed he saw the forelegs of a wolf and its fangs. His heart skipped a beat. He looked over at himself and saw he was now a werewolf. His heart was heavy. He regretted everything he ever did to the woman.

     ''Oh no! Let this be a lie! It's all a dream!! It's just a dream!!''. His large wolf figure howled painfully.

      Through the time, he forgot the silicon arrows that were causing havoc to his legs. The pain reminded him of the arrows and he yanked it off with his mouth. But the wounds were still eating up. He needed help now but did he care? No! Absolutely not! He was now a werewolf and his life was over. He detested those animals. He could as well just bite his heart out. The injuries he suffered told on him. He slumped by the pool.


    ''Buckley. I saw the wolf clearly. It had a red band on his hand. The exact one Acheon had on'' Peruses slammed his cup of beer on the table, the contents spilled. ''That wolf killed my buddy'' he lamented.

    "Let's drink to his remembrance'' Buckley raised his cup into the air. He was drunk. They were all drunk. The other men raised their cups above their heads too. 

    ''To our agile hunter, our friend,our partner, our leader. Goodbye Acheon.'' Peruses said. He sagged his head over his neck dejectedly. Since they had scouted the distance they could in search for Acheon with no luck, the men fell back on the belief that he was gone. 


     Massacred by a werewolf.

     A mighty hunter is gone.

     His remains unkept 

     And his memories to stay. 

 "Acheon! You son of a bastard! Why did you die?'' Peruses lamented further. His saggy red eyes told sorrow and fatigue. The whole bar was quiet. Memories of Acheon's deeds kept flashing into everyone's heads. They couldn't believe he was gone so soon. Those who were hit most by the news of his death were the maidens. They broke into tears when they sensed he was dead. The way the men cocked their head sadly when they asked after him gave them a hint. A lady had attempted suicide but was stopped. A family wife had cried so much that her husband evacuated his house for her. The streets were quiet, the market devoid of human presence. Even the dogs suckled silently in corners.


     ''Peruses,tell us again what you saw'' The old king beckoned on Peruses to tell the tale. 

     Peruses took a bow and began his story. Thrilling everyone in the courtroom with the way he made tension and suspense. He was telling them how they hunted. People ahhed,ooooed,hmmmmed every now and then. Being the skilled liar that he was, Peruses added more glorious detail to his own part. Striking his hands for emphasis and stress, his mouth ran.

     ''My belief is that the werewolf wore Acheon's band, Asgard bless his soul, as a trophy of the fight. He probably found Acheon as a tough opponent. Hunting the wolf down will be my top priority my lord'' Peruses finished, took a bow and walked to his seat.

      Peruses, the best friend to Acheon. They were orphans when they met. Together they had grown, stolen together and lived as brothers.

     ''Well said Peruses.'' ,the king stroked his beards in a slow manner. ''But we can't permit you to go after the werewolves, not when Acheon isn't here. It would be too risky'' 

     ''But your majesty!....'' Peruses objected.

     ''No buts Peruses'' the king cut him off ,'' I can't risk another of my great warriors to a werewolf again. We will get the werewolves later''. The look on the king's face said it all, the king didn't want to talk about it anymore. Peruses had a blank look on his face. The session with the king ended. He walked out of the courtroom thinking hard. He was going to do something. Acheon would have done something if he were him. He stepped into the sunlight and made his way to the bar.

     Many minutes later, a boy ran around to the ears of every man passing an information that said ''at the west gate, 6 P.M, optional''.


   The daze was pretty much. His body was sagging under his tied hands. Slowly, he crept into consciousness. He could hear screams of people and what seemed like a furnace. He squeezed his eyes and opened it as slowly as he could. Bright red light flushed into his face. He could only see that he was in an empty room that was red to a fault. The roof seemed to be black from smoke. And murals of people being tortured and burnt were on the walls. He couldn't access the information yet. He was still disorganized. He saw something moving on the wall. What was it? It looked like a large rope. He squinted his eyes to see the moving object. It was a snake. The size of an human being, longer than the whole length of the room. It was crawling up and down the wall. He swallowed air. the snakes he'd seen have not been as fat as a human thigh. Now he was placed face to face with a large boa constrictor. The snake turned towards him. He shivered. He tried to break free from the chain holding him up, it was fruitless. He wobbled severely as the snake looked on. It seemed to be reading his soul. Like a demon with a crystal glass,the snake studied him. The snake's black deep shadowy eyes made contact with his eyes. His blue eyes turned pitch black. Like the snake was sapping his strength. The snake wobbled its way towards him. He could see it but he couldn't move. He felt helpless. The snake reeked of confidence, the scaly black snake boldly creeped over the floor. It got 6 feet close to him,stopped,stuck out its tongue and tasted the smell of his soul from a distance. The snake seemed uninterested, it turned its massive head to go back where it came from. Achiaca sighed. 

     The snake's head snapped back in fury and dived at an amazing extreme speed towards Achiaca, mouth open. Achiaca's skin left him. 

     Outside the room, the shrill scream of Zena could be heard joining the screams of souls falling into the underworld.