*************EPISODE 11*************

 ''Where are we headed?'' Acheon asked. Beating his way after Kashi.


 ''Be quiet. vampires have been spotted here many times. We don't want a legion of them on us do we? Not when your abilities are still untamed'' She shut him up in a whisper. 


  No vampires had been spotted there. She just wanted him to lock up whatever jar he kept spinning questions out of. Acheon sensed her lie.


  ''We know very well that it's a lie.''


 She didn't respond. she led him on further into the forest. ''Kashi. how come you're a werewolf? By birth?'' He pressed on.


  '' Yeah. Some. Others opted in. Some people from your town opted in to join the pack'' She answered much to his surprise.


  ''Really? And you believe being a werewolf is a good thing?'' He pressed on. '' I mean, what's so sweet about being an animal?''


  He heard her growl at him, thanks to his now advanced hearing. He growled back at her. She stopped and turned around.


  '' Oh One perfect human is in touch with his animal side.'' She taunted.


  '' No no no!! I won't be like this this way. As soon as I find that witch and get her to take her curse away. I'll be human again'' He folded his arms diefiantly.


 she scoffed. ''you're two in one kid! Once a werewolf, always a werewolf. You are stuck as a werewolf. Taking the wolf out of you will mean taking life out of you. The wolf you is half of you now'' She tilted her head musically as she melodied from her mouth.


He stopped in his tracks. Oh yeah! He heard right! She probably was lieing about this. He didn't want to believe her. He didn't even want to try. Since she was far gone into the woods, he jogged after the trails she left behind. Did she dissapear? He couldn't find her. Little animals made noises now and then. He caught a new smell. The smell of something else. It was watching him and he knew. He closed his eyes and sensed around his for this threat but discovered nothing. Whatever it was, it seemed dangerous. He had to get out of here now. 


  ''Kashi!'' He called out. As much as he hated depending on a female, he needed her now. He broke into a run, feeling the gaze of that same wierd thing monitoring him. He called for Kashi again but nothing happened again. His hairs stood up now. He could feel claws forming out of his fingers. Long wolf tooth formed in his mouth. A little black hair shot out of his skin and his boddy size doubled. He was wolfing while running. He sort of felt safe while he was in this semi wolf form. His hands wiggled for the touch of a bow and arrow. His shirt ripped off his already tripling hairy body and his pants tore up. 

  He saw a man standing by a tick tree to his left as he ran past. The man looked fierce. He was just looking tentatively. He shot his gaze to his left and saw another angry looking man staring at him with crossed arms. He gulped. Where was that white-haired lady now?


 He didn't know when he ran into an opening. The grass ground was low. The cleared part was a huge circle devoid of trees ot stomps. He had to halt when he saw a half wolf half man just like him standing before him. The wolfman let out a snarl. Acheon didn't know when he growled and snarled. Like athletes to a finish line, half wolf half men closed the circle. 

Acheons blood boiled. They could kill him. He wasn't in any pack. He looked at his weapon, his nails. He relaxed a bit knowing he had something. All the wolves around could hear his racing hearbeat. He was afraid, they knew.

  ''ROGUE! Why do you tresspass our lands?'' The larger sized werewolf that seemed to be the leader asked. His voice was coarse like rock against rock.  

   Acheon shook at his words. He couldn't bring himself to say nothing. As indecision as to what to do or say set into his heart, the largersized werewolf transformed into his full size, he was double his already large size. The size of an elephant. Acheon almost wet his mane. He was so dead. He had never seen a werewolf this size ever. The ones he ever killed were not bigger than big wolves. He transformed also into his full wolf that was a puppy compared to the one before him. He heard chuckles from the wolves around. A loud roar filled his ears. The wolf before him opened its mouth to it's full capacity, large enough to snap an human being in two. A snarl and a growl, it thundered towards Acheons wolf.

  ''We don't brood rivals!'' Acheon heard the werewolf tell him telephatically. His wolf seemed to be waiting fot its death. Like a dog going after a Lion. Acheon was glued to the spot. The coming wolf drew closer. Nothing to do anymore. His fate was to die. He shrinked his wolfs body awaiting the pound from the attacking wolf.

  From no where, a larger sized white werewolf dashed in between Acheon and the black big wolf with a loud terrible roar that made the attacking wolf squeal to a stop.

  ''He's joining the pack! Areh said!'' Kashi's Wolf growled telling every werewolf holding a threatening pose to back down. Acheon could only stare. He would be joining the pack. He had mixed feelings. No one asked him if he would. They just bossed him around here. He hated it. He shivered at the realisation that he could have been killed a moment ago.

  Every wolf transfored back to their human self and gave a light bow to Kashi who had losed her white hair to let it flow like a flag. 


She walked aside with the large sized wolf who had transformed back to human to the edge of the circle. They talked very silently with the man looking at Acheon suspiciously. Kashi was trying her best to make her beta know he was harmless. 

   The remaining men still looked at Acheon with alertness. They hated lone wolves. They were trained to kill Rogues! This guy ought to be dead now!

  Kashi walked back to Acheon who was standing boldly in the circle. Someehow, the presence of Kashi had boosted his ego. His poise was now majestic. 

  ''Are you okay?'' She placed her hand considerately on his shoulder. Looking deep in his eyes, she searched for fear.

  ''No. Not anymor'' He looked cold. Although he was grateful for her timely intervention, He still wouldn't kneel to a woman, even if she is the alpha.

  ''Yeah yeah. Let's hope so. You really need to get trained and fit! You couldn't even defend yourself'' She smirked

  '' Didn't want to hurt your pack members'' He lied. She knew.

  ''You do know I smell fear'' She gave him an impossible sneer.

  ''You were watching the whole time?'' He asked. 

  ''I vanished on purpose. I knew my buddy over there was scouting around'' She smilled cunningly. 

  Acheon looked aside and blushed a little. She knew he was lieing. Way to go Acheon.

 '' come. We're having an assembly here'' She shook him encouragingly.

AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi