**********EPISODE 9***********

    They were teleported into Olympus. Draped in expensive flowing gowns. They looked like royalty and were ushered along by an Olympian maiden. Achiaca found his eyes stuck on the lady before him. Her gown was fitted to show every detail of her prim figure. Zena scoffed at him. Her head was ringing 'pervert'. They had many things coming at them now and what the fool was thinking of was the lady before them. Oh! Men are born perverts! She was draped in the same white fitted gown with gold plates embedded on it.

     The maiden pushed open the door by the left side of the golden passageway. They stood for a minute deliberating whether it was safe to enter. With a nod from Achiaca, they walked in. They knew better not to cause trouble here. They surely would be going into a futile fight by engaging the gods in a fight. The courtroom had several golden seats with a small statue above each representing those who owned the seats. Some thrones were so giant that it was so clear Titans were part of the assembly in Olympus. They were walked into the center of the U-shaped line of thrones. The most decorated thrones were just straight ahead. Zeus was seated in one, resting his jaws on his fist. He looked at Achiaca and Zena baffled at the tiny things Hades brought to him. The throne that was obviously for Hera was empty and her statue broken off. Hades was standing by Zeus' throne smiling like someone who won a gladiators tournament without a scratch. He loved what he saw. The two siblings drew nearer.

    ''Stop! You may not come hither'' An olympian guard stopped the nervous siblings halfway.

    Hades whispered some things into Zeus' ears. Still smiling broadly.

     ''They may come!'' Zeus beckoned on them. The moved closer.

    ''Why do you think you're here??'' Zeus asked. Zena was shaken by his voice. Zeus focused on her. His eyes burnt with intense desire to bed her.

    Achiaca looked angry at Zeus. What did the stupid question mean? 

   '' We don't know!'' He shrugged. His eyebrows were cornered. Zeus sensed his anger.

    ''Angry are we? The subjects should come in''.Zeus' masculine voice rent the air.

    Warriors marched into the courtroom. Men and women. All with black hair and make up. They knelt behind Achiaca and Zena.

    Zeus and Hades grinned. Blue fire was already dancing over Hades' shoulders.



    He woke up feeling stronger than ever. His whole body was energized. He sat up in the soft bed. He stretched his hands to take a cup of tea on the stood beside the bed. His legs found the ground. He sipped the tea leisurely. He would be going hunting today.

    Realisation hit him. Where was he? This wasn't his bedroom. His house wasn't made of mud. Wasn't he a werewolf? How come his hands and legs were now human.

  Alert, he jumped to his feet. He was in only trousers. His bare chest smarted the air. He made his way to the sword hung on the wall in the little room.

    ''I wouldn't touch that if I were you'' A feminine voice rang behind him. He stopped in his tracks and looked behind him.

   ''Why wouldn't I?'' he asked cockily. He still wasn't going to let a lady tell him what to do.

    ''Maybe...'' She walked into the room confidently. She flashed past him. He was awed by the dashing speed she moved with. He turned. The sword was already in her hand. ''Because it's made of silver and can hurt you'' She touched the tip of the sword on her palm. It burnt and oozed out steaming smoke. In a second. The red mark healed up. Acheon gazed gob smacked. He was face to face with a female werewolf.

    He estimated her height in his head. She shouldn't be more than 5'9 inches tall. Her hair was long and white, tied into a pony-tail. She had brown leather wears on her. She looked like a warrior. Her stature was a plus to her blue eyes. she stared at him awkwardly for some minutes. He gazed on.

     ''How am I sure I can trust you not to eat my liver out'' He shifted back realising he wasn't armed. Every werewolf was a potential threat. She sensed his fear of her and smiled.

    ''Don't be silly'' She said ''Werewolves don't eat werewolves nor humans''. She laughed musically as she took her seat on the bed, taking off her boots.

     ''What nonsense are you saying? Werewolves don't eat humans? Then explain the many deaths that's been happening in this Godforsaken forest uh? Bats ate them up?''

     She scoffed at his words with a bit of amusement at how he almost nailed the answer. ''Errr, let's just say upgraded bats''

    ''What are you saying?'' Acheon wasn't getting a hint as to what she was saying. He wasn't even close to getting one.

    ''Will you quit questioning me? The real bad guys you should be hunting are the night crawlers not the one safeguarding you!'' She shot back. She was still angry at him.

    ''Who are the night crawlers?'' He folded his arms defiantly.

    She let out an audible sigh. This guy would be the death of her. 

   ''The vampires! Now stop questioning me,will you!'' She loosed her long white hair so it fell down her face.

    ''Vampires are in this forest? Double trouble. Ha'' Acheon raised his arms in abandonment.

    '' And just so you know. The werewolves who have sworn to protect you humans from them and sworn not to hurt any human are the ones you've mercilessly killed since that your foolish king gave you a bow and a quiver full of arrows'' She stood up in a grunt. ''you were reducing the werewolves as much as the vampires are reducing us. Way to go man. It's good you're now one of us. To share our burden.'' She walked out of the room and slammed the door.

     ''And stay in there! Vampires can smell werewolves many miles away'' she warned. Acheon stood dumbfounded. Was what he heard really true? He heard a short 'voom' sound and then the sound of a speeding arrow. The lady was gone.


AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi