it was already getting to midnight and Acheon was already

prepared for the big hunt. He paced about in his wooden house in anticipation.


He had his quiver hung behind his shoulder. leather top with thick fur. The upper head of the dead werewolf rested on his head. His new bow was in his right hand and his left hand held on to the helve of his sword tucked safely into its

sheath. He had a brown leather trouser suspended atop a thick black leather boot. The hunters type. He had knives tucked discreetly into his costume.


He could hear the townsmen already at the post waiting for

him to lead the hunt. He marched out of the house into the bright moonlight.


He smiled at the full moon and marched to his rare mare leashed to a post in his front yard. The magnificent black beast cocked its head on seeing it's boss. Jack climbed on and rode to the post where the armed men gathered.


''Today. We have gathered again to hunt down our arch

enemies. And we all know what they've done to the people of linceway don't we?'' Acheon admonished the men with his broadened baritone voice.


''ayyy!!!!'' the crowd of men roared in excitement. Women

lingered around to see their hero,Acheon increase the men's morale.


'' we are on a quest. No doubt. It's dangerous! This mission is not for female men who can't face death. We are not sissies. We are not fearful. We are bold people of linceway, sons from the asgardians. We won't watch our men being hunted down by werewolves in a piteous manner. So what do we do to those werewolves??!!!!'' he yelled. ''kill them all!!!!'' The men yelled. The excitement was there, the zeal was there, the weapons were there. Werewolves knew this time of night was hell. They dared not come out. They had to be so discreet. ''Then what are we waiting for??? Let skin them!!!'' The hunt began. They marched silently into the forest. Acheon was taking them to a place he suspected werewolves to be in. He sniffed the night air and grinned. He smelt werewolf close by. He raised his free hand to stop the

parade of men. He signalled to Peruses to get the men alert. They were going into combat soon. He pulled out an arrow from his quiver and fixed it with pure swagger on the bow. Ladies from his town would have killed to witness his majestic pose as he pulled the string. He sniffed the air again

and positioned the bow decisively at somewhere distant. He took his eyes off the bows point of view and studied the fingers of trees before him. 


He pulled harder at the string and TWANG!!! The lethal arrow pierced the air.

It vanished into the cluster of threes. Three miles away, a feeding werewolf was oblivious to the sharp missile coming at it. The arrow dug into it's hind leg and hit the tree beside it. The wolf signalled a warning to its pack members with a loud howl. Wolves dispersed from every angle.


''after them! That one's mine!'' Acheon roared. He stretched to his full 6.5 height and dashed after the running werewolf. His townsmen hunted any wolf in sight. He could see the wolf running into hiding. The limps told him that it was hit. He increased his speed but the wolf wasn't going to give up despite it's injury. In a blur, the wolf sprang forward with the

full speed of a werewolf into the thicket. But Acheon's family

secrets jacked in to tackle the challenge. He stopped running, stood upright and closed his eyes. His senses jacked to life. He could see the wolf tracks in

his minds eye. Immediately,he sprang into action and gave the speeding wolf a race. He followed its tracks into a dry cave.


AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi 



AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi