''Did you find her?'',Zeus questioned his son, the messenger who bowed respectfully. 

  ''No! There's no sign of her. The werewolves are multiplying but the town people are decreasing their numbers'',Hermes replied still facing down.

  ''And the wolves? How strong are they?''

  Hermes chuckled,'' as weak as a feather. They aren't skilled. I wonder how she made them.''


   Zeus knew she had a plan. That evil wife of his was planning on revenge. He had to watch her closely otherwise she would be able to kill him with ease. He hadn't thought Hera had it in her to do what she did. Now.. Letting the Olympians know about his loss will be foolishness. No sooner had he said it that he would be battled and dethroned. Olympian gods always had greed for power. And what was he suffering this for? That crazy woman was probably upset at him for seducing girls on earth. He waved off Hermes and summoned his brothers Hades and Poseidon. 


  Water thinned out from the air and twirled in a large circle then vanished to reveal Poseidon who had a sea dragon round his waist. His hair was tied in a cocktail, he was looking dry. Something Zeus struggled to get used to. He had his usual weapon in his hand majestically, the Trident. 

   ''I see you summoned me. What is it you want this time? Another task for your servant?'' Poseidon looked unimpressed. He looked at Zeus with displeasure. 

  ''Whatever happened to greetings? Poseidon'' Zeus grinned. He drank a little wine from his golden goblet.


  ''How now.. You want a greeting?'' Poseidon smirked and laughed. ''Be quick about this. What do you want?'' Poseidon was not ready for games. 


   ''Sit! Brother. Await Hades'',Zeus offered. Poseidon made his way to a throne in the courtroom. He frowned when he remembered what he was doing before this brute he called his brother called him. He summoned Hades himself. He knew Hades wouldn't want to come if Zeus alone called on him. And the longer Hades took, the longer he would have to stay with Zeus.


  Hades came into the courtroom like he walked into it with a flash of black light.

  ''Now who's disturbing the count of souls I have?'' Hades groaned. His eyes were red. He had pitch black hair,pale white skin and a black shadowy cloth.


  ''Have your seat Hades. We need to talk'' Zeus commanded. Hades wasn't his favourite person. He'd always have to look over his shoulders for Hades' tricks. 


   ''Let's hope you have something that will benefit the underworld to say until your soul comes there'' Hades retorted and sat on his throne. The golden throne turned to dusty black. Hades sagged his eyes, looked at Poseidon who was stroking his beards.


   ''Well brothers'' Hades and Poseidon frowned harder at the word 'brother' ''I have a serious situation at hand. A warrior is worth nothing without his weapon. You all know my wife Hera ran off 20 years ago. She took something of mine''


   ''Yeah right. She did... Your Honour'' Hades hissed.

   Zeus got up from his throne and strolled up and down the courtroom. He stroked his beards. His white royal garment flowed graciously on the gold ground. His gown was embroidered with gold plates in a fashionable manner. Seeing him in the sunlight would make him so shine. 

   ''Hades please, it's not time for jokes. I have a serious issue now. Hera has stolen my weapon'' Zeus sighed. He knew his brothers could not kill him for power because they were each contented with their kingdom.


   ''Ha! Poseidon! Hera stole his seducing powers!'' Hades laughed mockingly. Black stretched all over, surrounding blue fire burned round his shoulders. ''The only thing that can actually hurt Zeus! So tell me Zeus... Did she take your manhood? You said weapon'' Hades and Poseidon went into a fit of laughter.

  Zeus stopped in his tracks. He listened to the jeering and laughter from his brothers. He so much wanted to punch the darkness out of Hades. 


   '' You behave like children!'' Zeus turned to look at Hades. He set a cancerous look on him. Hades too fixed his vicious glare on Zeus. They were all equal... He was ruler of the underworld, Zeus was the ruler of Olympus and Poseidon, a ruler in the waters.

  ''She took my lightning bolt'' Zeus said. 


AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi