''hey man! how's it today? Good catch.. I see'' The tall guard

cheered the famous hunter as he walked through the town gate. The hunter whisked the big brown antelope on a trolley. He heaved a sigh of relief as he saw his friends coming towards him.

''as usual. He never disappoints! acheon... Where did you get

this beast from?'' Peruses,The first guy examined the dead antelope and smacked it hard on the mouth.

''it's a family secret'' Acheon handed the handle to the

second guy. He surveyed the antelope again. He smiled as he remembered the struggle he went through to hunt it down. ''please get the boys at old canyon's crib to roast it... We'll use this to celebrate our hunt tonight... After I get paid''

His friends chuckled. The town was very busy today.

Probably preparing for the big hunt tonight. Kids could be seen fetching twigs from bushes.

Women cutting the twigs to be used for arrow shafts. Men

walked hastily up and down the maze of streets. The morning sun was just mild.

The yellow ball was suspended in the sky just west.

He looked at his friends who were already mumbling words at each other. They seemed amused. ''chaps.. Gotta get to some places. See you at the square tonight'' he threw a gold coin at them and walked into the next street. His leather shoe copped the rock street floor. Now and then people cheered

him. He responded with a bright smile and a wave. In this town of linceway,he was very popular for his games. Being the best hunter and archer in the town.

He always brought animals that were unbelievable home after disappearing into the forest for days. He stepped aside to let a horse carriage pass.

The carriage dragged along with it a large wooden cage made of silver. An unclad figure lay in it. An old man, he looked quite tired. He also had fangs and teeth. As his cage was dragged past, people threw things at the old man. The old man stared at Acheon as he was whisked away. He had that knowing look ''it's you....i know you'' his eyes dilated in

anger at the sight of Acheon. His body vibrated so much that it shook the cage. Pitch black long hair grew out of his bare skin and his legs and hands transformed to rhyme that of an oversized wolf. as the old man changed, the sound of cracking bones could be heard... His head morphed in to face

of a hideous wolf with three red scars below the right eye. The werewolf growled and displayed it's rugged razor sharp teeth. It roared, the roar

sounded like a cry of pain and anger. Little girls who had been stoning the old man shrieked and dashed into corners around. The old wolf charged towards Acheons direction but the silver bars stopped it with a sting of pain.

Acheon looked baffled. He had seen worse, dealt worse.

The carriage grinded to a halt. The dwarf driver jumped down and pulled out a long iron.

He jerked it into the cage at the growling wolf. ''quit the drama you untamed animal. Your hides will soon be used to

decorate the kings palace.'' the dwarf spat at the wolf. It coiled up at the wooden corner of the cage whining like a little hurt dog. The rod was made of silver. The dwarf hissed and spent eternity trying to climb back into his seat. His little legs couldn't reach the ladder. He drew out a little stood from under the cage and used it to climb unto his seat. A little boy helped him lift the little stood under the carriage


Acheon moved into the next street, light in his steps,he entered the blacksmiths shop. ''Acheon! You came just in time. Tell you what... I just made something wonderful'' the blacksmith was euphoric. He Tucked the red iron he held with throngs into the oven. ''what's it Jacon. Another discovery?'' Acheon picked a little chunk of

metal by the counter to examine. ''no!'' Jacon smirked. he reached behind the counter and pulled out a bow and a quiver full of arrows. ''here. That bow is still the best I've made.

It shoots it's arrows faster than any other in linceway. Right

here man, Is the new revolution. And check out the silver arrows. Thin and rugged. This would surely deal fatally with any werewolf that gets hit with it'' jacon removed

the red iron from the oven and started hitting it with hammer. His muscles bulged the way he repeated the hitting process.

''nice! Oh man! Check out the way it feels. Like I've used it for

years.'' Acheon tested the bow. It made a very powerful twang sound. He smiled uncontrollably at the powerful bow. Jacon was already engrossed in the sword he was moulding that he forgot Jack was around. He was always

over-zealous about things. He hummed a song in enjoyment

but something snatched his hat of his head. He looked up alarmed to see Acheon pointing the bow at him.. He looked behind him and saw his hat pegged to the wall with a silver arrow. ''you're going to kill me one day. How many times do you want me to tell you not to use my hat for target practice. Hell! You could have hit my head.'' Jacon was infuriated. He rubbed his bald head to console the scared skin.

''then I'll have to deal with your wife'' Acheon laughed and

mocked the size of Jacons wife.

''its five gold coins for the bow and arrows.. The rest of the

arrows are there'' Jacon yanked the arrow and his hat off the wall with a disgusted look. ''aha. Don't blame me. Your hat looks like a bird'' Jack mocked on. He scrutinized the silver arrows with a satisfied look.

''lay off my hat man'' Jacon placed the hat back on his

head. He patted it gently and resumed his pounding.

''you know Achie. There's something about you. You always

seem to know you way around the forest. Care to tell me how you do it?''

Jacon stopped hitting for a moment. ''it's a family secret. Can't tell anyone.'' Jack said. He pulled out his bag of coins and counted three gold coins.

''oh. I guess I'm family when we talking about closeness''

''nah. It wouldn't be a secret anymore, will it?'' Acheon placed

the three gold coins on the counter. Jacon fixed his eyes on it in contempt.

''What is this?? I can't accept this. Its five gold coins.

What'm I gon do with this? Buy a hat??'' Jacon pushed the coins back. ''oho. You really didn't think I wasn't taught bargaining by Ma. I'm paying just three for these'' Acheon dragged the bag of arrow

heads before Jacon could hold on to it. With that, he strode outside ''aw c'mon man. Better not come here when you run out of silver'' Jacon threatened ''sure. I'll be here. With a werewolf hide'' Acheon retorted....



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