The cave smelt like a lady's room. Perfumed and warm. It was dark though and he could see nothing. He felt for the cave walls but felt no wall. Unusual. He tried to use his skills to survey the cave. He calmed his nerves, closed his eyes and slowed down his breathing. He felt nothing. Unusual. He shrugged in the dark and tried again. Still he felt nothing. He heard a step. He drew out his silicon sword, stepping back slowly and tentatively, he moved towards the exit. He was shocked when he hit a wall. Didn't he just walk in through an opening there not long ago? Where did the wall come from? He stretched the sword forward and felt the wall. It was glossy and well built. He was perplexed. He heard the woosh of wind by his right. His muscles tightened. Surely he wasn't alone in the dark but whatever was in there with him wasn't a werewolf. He dug his hand into his back pocket to get the witch light in it. He didn't find it. Did it vanish?? He tensed immediately. He was in danger! He cursed as his breathing pattern got harder and faster. Another woosh by his right. Whatever was moving was fast...Way too fast. 

   He held onto his sword tighter and pulled out his dagger to the free hand. He didn't even know what was in there with him. How could he think of fighting it. In this forest, people have seen things that were beyond imagination. Countless people have been killed in this same forest before the werewolves came. His father died down that path.. He was snatched away by a troll. That was what his mother said. He didn't want to die yet. He was just a young man who just started life. No! He was going to fight with whatever was in this weird cave and kill it. Survival was paramount here. He dug his feet firm into the sandy ground and posed for a fight. Opening up all his senses to feeling around him. 

   He felt the woosh close to him this time. He slashed at it. His sword broke! For the first time in his life,he was really scared. His blood became hot. His hands grew limp. His knees gave way. He wasn't doing this. Something was controlling him. He struggled to gain control of his body but the more he tried, the more he spiralled out of control. He was kneeling now with his hands dropped beside him. He felt a force snap his face forward. His face was fixed to the front. He felt forces drawing his body and keeping it hooked to the ground. He stared in horror. His blue eyes became grey. A flash of red light beamed and gave way to white light. He could see a lady with flowing white hair, a body to die for. She had a gold crown on her head. She crossed her legs royally in her gown. She was seated on a golden throne. She fixed an angry gaze on him then smiled sinisterly.

  ''If it isn't Acheon!'' She rang out.

  He was dazed. He studied her with keen eyes. He wondered if he'd even seen a cave around there during daytime. There was no mountain there. Everything seemed twisted.

  ''Who are you??'' He whispered

  '' What are you doing in here? How dare you trespass my domain?'' she frowned. As beautiful as she looked, her frown was intimidating. He gulped.

   '' I'm not giving you an answer. Who are you??'' Although incapable, he wasn't going to stoop to a lady. Even the queen of Linceway respected him.

 She laughed like one who was amused. She leaned forward.

  '' I could crush your bones right now. It would do you well to tell me what you're doing here.''

 She sounded arrogant. He hated her right away. How dare she play a game on him. Conceding to her would be the death of him. He wanted to punch that hole she called a mouth.

  ''Crush them then! If you don't crush them, Killing you will be my top priority'' he spat at her. His spit didn't get halfway to her throne. She saw the spittle. Red flushed over her face. She saw red. She stretched out her open hand and tightened it into a hard fist.

   Acheon felt his bones breaking one by one. Excruciating pain overwhelmed him. He felt his life leaving him. He gasped for air. He felt like a boa constrictor was squeezing him. He winced in pain then let out a loud cry of agony.

    ''Arrrrgh!'' he screamed '' Goodbye Linceway!!!''... His whole body was snapping. His bones breaking into bits. Blood sipped down his nose,ears and eyes. His blood poured from his mouth. He was dying. His cracking limp body slumped to the ground. He was barely alive...barely living. The pain was just too much.

   ''Make amends now or die'' She gave him a chance to live. She walked graciously from her throne to him. He looked at her with hate and spat blood at her white gown. The red dissolved into nothingness on her gown. She smiled at him,then released her fisted hand.

  ''You're tough'' her voice was transformed to a croaky scary one. '' For trespassing here,I place this curse on you. You shall be an outcast in your town. You shall be what you hate most! Till eternity''. She paused to look at him, her eyes were plain bright white . ''Get your mortal body out of my turf!!'' she shouted at him.



 Poseidon sneered at Zeus. He didn't like the fact that Zeus's bolt was gone but if that was going to make Zeus less dictatorial, he wouldn't lend any helping hand to find it. He smiled inwardly.

  ''Oh that's bad, I'm sure the whole Olympus will miss it'' Poseidon broke the silence.

  '' I'm betting this will be the last straw you can take from her. How did she do it?'' Hades said in his bass voice that rang delight at a challenge.

  ''I don't know Hades. I was a fool'' Zeus lamented.

  ''You can say that again. We can always get her back.. Just like old times'' Hades added

   ''So,what do you want us to do? You called us here to talk over your toy??'' Poseidon snapped.

   ''Will you shut your jaws before I break them for you?'' Zeus threatened.

   ''Last time I checked Brother.. You don't have your bolt here.'' Poseidon stood up from his chair. '' You need my help,don't you?? But guess what Zeus? I'm not helping''. Water rose from the ground and encompassed him. He vanished.

   Zeus was enraged but he had to be calm not to make Hades go away. He was still surprised to realise that Hades was still there. How was it that the one who hated him most was staying?

   ''Hades. Will you help me in this?'' Zeus whispered. Ordinarily, He would have forced them to do whatever he wanted but now he had to plead.

  ''I'm not into this to help you. I'm only going into this because a lot of souls will be killed. Anything to make the underworld larger.'' Hades replied.

   ''Done deal... A whole town might be joining you in the underworld. If you play your part well enough. We'll be using a lot of dark powers from you here''.

  ''Let me know your plans Brother. The grim reaper is waiting'' Hades smiled mischievously. He loved this.


AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi