**************EPISODE 10**************


   He picked the mirror by the little table in the room. It was about time that she would be passing by. He adjusted his shirt and cocked his head high. Raising his eyebrows in a fashionable manner. Today, he was going to get the girl. The pretty Kashi. 

     He touched his tongue with his finger and trailed it over his eye brows. He'd been trying to mate her for days but she was just so tough a lady. Nothing he did ever enticed her.

     Was it how he had jumped over a cliff for her when he thought she was in trouble? Was it when he ran into a group of armed men on purpose to prove his love? Or was it when he sang a love song all night at her place. Nothing! Nothing moved the girl.

     Today however. He was going to nail it. Today, he would make sure she falls for him. He could sense her now. Coming fast through the woods. She was going to pass by his crib soon. He flashed out of the house. Posing by the wall, he stroked his wall seductively. His expensive white silk trouser and shirt were well pressed. People used to wonder where he got his clothes from. Ladies in the pack drooled over him. This particular bullhead of a werewolf was turning him down. The more she turned him down, the more he liked her. Come mountain ash, come vampires. She must be his.

     As fast as lightning, she was channelling her way down to her destination she was going to be passing by Derek's house soon. That mountain goat who believed he was the only guy with aroma in the pack. She was determined not to look towards his house. Truly, she disliked him. He was so cocky and pushy. He was one of her most skilled fighter but his insatiable urge for women was the only thing she had against him. She was now closing in on his house. She saw him posing by the wall of his house with a cunning grin chiseled on his face. 

    What the...? She halted to a stop. Mountain ash was sprayed on her path. No werewolf could cross over mountain ash. She knew who had done it. She immediately transformed into her human self. She looked at the mountain ash than at Derek. She eyed him haughtily. He moved towards her.

     ''Awww! I liked your wolf better.'' He clapped his hands. '' Nice halt by the way''

    She brushed her white hair aside. She gave him a warning growl not to come nearer. He stopped and growled too.

    ''Derek the Casanova. Will you clear this ash and let me pass?'' she scoffed.

     ''For a kiss? Yes!'' He held his tongue out and crossed his hands.

     ''Have it your way!'' She came at him fast and grabbed him by the neck. With one hand, she held him above ground.

     His face turned red. ''Uhgh okay okay. I'll clear it amazon female. Damn it! Put me down!''

     She looked deep into his eyes. 

   ''Derek,never stop me in my tracks anymore. I'm not alpha of the beta set for nothing. Werewolves don't kill each other but they injure each other. I'm your Alpha and you have to respect your boundary''. She tossed him aside like a can. What guts did he have to hit on his alpha? What a jerk! He squabbled to his feet to clear the mountain ash but she vanished from behind him. Already taking another path.

      He dusted his stained trouser in anger.

    ''Yaaaaa! Run away. Crazy bitch!'' He punched his fist into the air. ''You'll be mine''.




    Zena sat on the bed in the room she was given. It was soft and perfumed. She ran her hands over the bed. She was thankful she and her brother were not in danger. At least, not yet. They had a big decision to make. They were going to be doing something way more than they bargained for. 

     The large window gushed with soft breeze. The lights in the room went off leaving only the candles on. The curtain bellowed softly. Red petals flew into the room. Settling on the bed and all over the room. She twirled around at the sudden change of atmosphere. The master seducer was already working on her. Zeus was at the door. The door opened slowly. She shot up from the bed alarmed. Even if she was hit in the heart by the sweet romantic advances of whoever did this, she never liked her privacy interrupted. 

      Zeus walked into the large room looking like a gentle young boy who was unsure of where he was going. Zena's defences fell.

     ''Sorry. I just need someone to talk to since my wife isn't around. Can I?'' He pointed to the couch at the side ''or you're busy?'' He looked like a rat that was dipped in cold water. Shrunk and cold, he looked that way. Zena was attracted immediately. As strong as he was, he was weak emotionally. 

     ''No no. Have a seat. I was doing nothing'' She pointed to the couch telling him to sit.

     ''It feels like I'm losing too much. I feel empty'' He sank his head. 

     Zena's heart ran with heat. Stomach danced full of butterflies. He was just like her little child back home.

    ''Awww now dear, what happened? Why are you so down?'' She leaned towards his direction from the edge of the bed where she sat.

     ''My wife left me. I miss her. I love her.'' He sank his head lower. ''I miss even the touch of a woman''. 

    He felt a warm soft hand caress his cheek. Her hands were too soft for a lady who they called a fierce fighter. He opened his eyes to see her beautiful face staring deep into his eyes. Slowly, their lips united. Bottled up passions oozed out.


AUTHOR:Stephen Oluwafemi