*********EPISODE 5********* 

   He crawled slowly to the cave opening. His wounds were healing. He didn't know how he was getting healed but it was good to know he'd make it alive. He could see the moonlit forest through the opening. As he crawled out,he thought over how his ego almost killed him. That woman he saw was a she-monster. He wondered why he had actually dared her. He spat blood from his bleeding mouth now and then. He just couldn't wait to rest in his bed and forgo hunting werewolves. He managed to stand and got out into the open. The moon light washed him. He felt refreshed. Like a new him had emerged. His body felt renewed but he still had some injuries. ''Is this how the moonlight refreshes?'' he thought. He looked behind him only to find out that whatever mountain the cave was in never existed. He shivered at the thought of his near death experience. He needed to leave the place quick and find his team of hunters.

    He heard his hunters shouting and slashing with the sound of a howling hurt wolf. Somehow, he felt the pain of the wolf and felt pity for it. 

   ''Why am I pitying it? What the hell's wrong with me??'' he was surprised at himself. He jogged to the area where he heard the noise. He witnessed as his friend, Peruses dug a silicon sword into the white furred werewolf that was bleeding. As the sword dug through the wolf's skin,Acheon felt a sting in his heart. He wanted to cry! What was wrong with him? He hated this erratic feeling he was having. He stepped out into the open to join the hunters. 

   ''That's another one!'' Peruses shouted and pointed towards Acheons direction. Acheon turned to look behind him but saw no werewolf.

   An arrow wizzed past his face while two dug into the ground before him. He looked horrified at the arrows. Why would they want to shoot him. He thought they were just playing games but the painful hit of a stone from a sling into his knee told him they meant business. More arrows wizzed by. He dodged an arrow and fled for his dear life. Running in zags to evade arrows as they flew past him. He encountered a mad woman who almost killed him, he was still hurt. Now his own people were hunting him. The night couldn't get any worse. An arrow closed in. He felt a sharp pain in his thigh. He tumbled to the ground, rolling over brutally over the stones. He could hear his angry hunters shouting '' It's down!''.

  ''It?? It??'' he scoffed. ''What's wrong? This must be a night mare'' he struggled back on his feet and limped the fastest he could into the cluster of trees, closely followed by his hunters. Another arrow dug into his leg.

AUTHOR: Oluwafemi stephen